Where Is Greg?

book by greg

Have you been curious where Greg is? Well, I have been quite swamped with freelancing work. That is a good thing. But my blog has suffered because of it. So let me get you up-to-date with my work and how you can benefit. Greg has just published a new book that can help you Did … Read more

Providing Quality Freelance Writing

quality over quantity

If you have the talent and the temperament, freelance writing can be a fun and lucrative career. The key to success is the ability to write quality pieces. There are a number of methods freelance writers employ which enable them to do just that. It begins with understanding how to identify and develop marketable ideas, … Read more

How To Defeat Your Biggest Freelance Competitor

Freelance competitor

American Light-Up Products Every business has at least one competitor, and some businesses have multiple competitors. In your freelance business, have you determined who your competitors are? Who is the biggest? The answer to that final question may surprise you. But, before I tell you who your biggest freelance competitor is, let me first tell … Read more

Build Your Freelance Website With These 16 Resources

16 resources to build a website

I was recently contacted by a professional website designer who also shares his knowledge with us website building amateurs. Summer Sale! Get $10 off any prepaid order of 4 shipments or more at the International Wine of the Month Club use code SAVE10 Robert Mening owns and manages WebsiteSetup.org, and he shared a case study … Read more

How To Spot A Possible Problem Client

those problem clients

If you have been freelancing for any amount of time, you have probably had to deal with a problem client. While I don’t believe every client that has issues is purposely trying to mess up our day, some are. I am putting several tips here that may help you spot a possible problem client early … Read more

Freelancers Vote: Clinton or Trump?

clinton or trump

I recently read a great blog post at Freelancer’s Union called “Hillary Speaks Out Against Deadbeat Clients.” I must say that I have mixed emotions. While I agree with the statements Hillary Clinton and the writer said, I have this inkling that Mrs. Clinton is just saying what people want to hear to gain votes. … Read more

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