The Ethical Freelance Writer

13 Musts With more and more people becoming freelancers and the majority taking on freelance writing for blogs and websites, I have discovered that a vast percentage of these writers have never formally been taught proper writing ethics. Just as journalists must use ethical means, so should freelance writers. As a matter of fact, if … Read more

Scanners, Readers, Bouncers & Dreamers

Why won’t they just read my whole article? So you have written what you believe is the perfect article or blog post. You read it one more time with a smile and hit publish. You just have that feeling this article will go viral. You look at the statistics 3 days later and see that … Read more

Survival For You And For Me

Every once in awhile I run across something exceptional on the internet, and that is what happened just recently. I saw this cool infographic and in communicating with my new friend Connor, he agreed to let me share it with LancerLife readers. So, here is an introduction from Connor (David) followed by the infographic, and … Read more

Welcome To Your Independence – Free eBook Review


Knowing my goal to help everyday people understand how to become successful freelancers, my friend Andrew Ward over at AND CO contacted me with their latest creation. “Hey Greg, we knew you would like to review this, so here is a free download of our latest eBook: Welcome To Your Independence. Knowing the great work … Read more

15 Apps Freelance Writers Should Use

Freelancing is a busy business. Between getting work done, making new contacts, cataloging invoices and payments, and finding time to have a life, freelance writing isn’t for the faint of heart – or the unorganized. Luckily, the use of apps can make the entire freelancing process a little easier. Here are 15 of the best … Read more

Follow Client Directions


It amazes me how some people who claim to be freelancers cannot even follow simple directions from their client. I have learned that one of the most important things a freelancer does is follow client directions. If the freelancer is unclear, they should ask the client questions until they are clear about the task at … Read more

Can Your Personal Credit Hurt Or Help Your Freelance Business?

There are people who have started a traditional business who filed personal bankruptcy just a short time before. How were they able to do this? It is because their personal credit is completely separate from their business credit. While I don’t agree with this system, it does work that way. You would think that lenders … Read more

The Biggest Website Question I Am Asked

website needs

Do I Need a Website? In our global world, it is essential to promote your business, arts or endeavors through your own website. A dynamic website is your best advertising tool. Its effectiveness surpasses magazine and newspaper advertising, billboards, and even TV commercials. Remember that commercials can reach people only at a certain time of … Read more

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