When You Buy You Could Sell: Getting Clients From Online Purchases

clients from sales

At this point in my freelance career, I have no shortage of clients. I was telling one of my favorite clients that I was extremely overloaded with work and he proceeded to tell me to raise my rates. “If they want to buy the best, they have to pay the price,” he said as he … Read more

Write Stories For Sales


As a freelance writer, I am often asked by clients what is the best copy to instill buying emotions in their website visitors. The answer is always the same for each and every client that asks me that question: Tell stories! Online Course Accessible 24/7 Name one person who doesn’t like a good story; or … Read more

Read Me Please

15 Tips On Getting Blog Visitors To Actually Read Your Post PhotoCanvasLand.com It can be frustrating when you see people visit your high-quality blog post only to find they stayed 30, 60 or just 90 seconds. Nobody can read that fast… Can they? As writers and bloggers, we all can face this issue. It sometimes … Read more

Steps I Used For Success At Freelance Writing


What is freelance writing success? Wow, I just watched the short intro video I made and I have suddenly realized I am getting old. But does age stop a person? Does it slow a person down? Not this guy! I have shared the story as to how I started into freelancing, but I have never … Read more

What Do You Believe In?

believe in

I believe that life means: You Have To Have Something To Believe In. Now didn’t someone write a song with that idea? Yes, and I just heard it on the radio yesterday which gave me inspiration to write this post. Before I get into this post, enjoy Poison doing Something To Believe In: As a … Read more

Who Are You Listening To?


This world is full of opinionated people. I have discovered that while some of those opinions should be considered, a large percentage of those opinions should be thrown into the trash and not into our thinking. As a new freelancer, you will… Probably have people tell you: There is no money in freelancing There is … Read more

What Is Holding You Back?

holding you back

Well here we are… A New Year. What are your goals for 2017? Have you determined a plan of action or is there something holding you back? Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you must determine what is holding you back so you can move forward to ultimate success. I am going to … Read more

How To Gracefully Be Sick As A Freelancer

gracefully sick

Back in the days of working a full-time job for a boss, being sick was something that could be dealt with. I simply found the telephone from its hiding place and dialed work. “I’m sick and can’t make it in today.” And there were different attitudes depending on the boss: “That’s cool; see you tomorrow.” … Read more

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