Your portfolio is you

Your Portfolio Is Your Primary Advertising Tool

Your Portfolio Is You!

When it comes to developing your portfolio, you just do not want to cut corners. As a matter of fact, as I have been looking at mine, I am going to go back and re-do it. When businesses and individuals look through our portfolios, they are seeing just what makes us “tick.” If, as a writer, you install articles that you wrote that have any slight mistakes, it will be seen. If, as a photographer or graphic designer, you put a photo or design in your portfolio that has imperfections, the contractor will move on to the next person.

Just starting…amateur

“I am new to this, but I need a portfolio.”

Yes, you do!

You can put works you have done that have not been published or purchased. Did you write and design a church bulletin? Put that in your portfolio. Maybe you wrote a thesis in college that received a top grade…put it in your portfolio. Did you do free photographs for a friend or family member that are superb? You can put those in your portfolio. Anything you have done that is a direct reflection of the freelance work you are seeking can be used in your portfolio.


How do I make a portfolio

I recommend that you use an office program. Personally, I use Libre Office. Depending on your “niche,” you can put photos, drawings, articles, or anything else. Decorate it with the mind of a person who may look at it. When you get it done, have 2 or 3 of your friends or family look it over. Ask them to be honest in their critique. If it passes inspection, It is best to save it in the format the office program has, and also in PDF format. I suggest you print several copies, and put one in a stylish cover. This will be the one you show, and the extra copies are to leave with people. In many cases, your will be contacting prospective clients via the internet. Send them a copy of the PDF.

Remember always that your portfolio is advertising YOU! You are not selling your work as much as you are selling you and your talents.


I suggest installing your portfolio in social media sites that you frequent. Linkedin is a business site, and your portfolio should be in it. You may consider having an About Me page and putting your portfolio there.

There are several websites that also allow you to put a portfolio directly on their site. It is not a bad idea, and may garner you some business. Try:

If you would like an honest critique of your portfolio, I would be happy to provide that. Just subscribe to this website and send it to me, and I will be honest with you. You can subscribe below, and receive our periodic newsletter also. Have a great day!

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