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It’s Becoming A Freelance World

The World Has Changed

When we look at America alone, the number of freelancers has become a staggering figure. Recently, Freelancers Union in partnership with Elance/ODesk commissioned the independent research firm of Edelman Berland to find out the percentages of freelancers. Over 53 million Americans are freelancing. That equates to approximately 34% of the workforce. The numbers are bound to keep growing too.


Businesses have discovered that it can be much more cost efficient in outsourcing much of their work. This cuts down on insurance premiums, vacation and sick pay, and many other benefits. It also cuts down on the space they need to hold employees from offices to parking.

Freelancing has become a huge advantage for many individuals. Instead of traveling miles, finding daycare, and having those special clothes to work in an office, they can sit in the comfort of their own home and perform their talents, earning a living doing so.

Ben Matthews, a fellow freelancer put together some interesting statistics on his blog: The Freelance Economy in Numbers. I suggest you read it.


Do you freelance? Are you considering freelancing?

It is the new way to put food on the table. Use your talents and get paid doing so.

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