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When I hear anyone say: “That was a stupid question,” I want to scream. After all, questions are meant to be asked. I was taught as a young man that the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.

This post is for both freelancers and potential clients.

Ask Questions!


You can find out much more about the potential freelancer if you ask questions. Yes, they may have generated a great proposal and they may have a wonderful portfolio, but do you know for sure they actually performed all that is there?

Simple questions such as: {how long have you been freelancing?} {What jobs have you completed that are similar to ours?} {How old are you?} {What are your goals?} should be asked.

Just asking questions, even if they are not about the job, can provide you with a great idea on what type of freelancer you are dealing with. The freelancer may give you something that will either turn you on or off, but you will have a better idea about them after asking questions.


To do a job to the best of your ability means you need to ask questions. As a writer, I am not afraid to ask. I have had clients balk at my questions until I explain it as I am to you in this post. I just want to be able to provide the best material I possibly can.

A suggestion

Before you contact the other person, jot down the questions you need to ask and get answers on. If they are there in front of you when you call, or Skype them, you will not forget to ask those questions.

Personally, I have great respect for the people who ask questions. It shows they want to learn.

If you are a person who thinks that people should know the answer and their questions are stupid, please consider that you will probably receive work that isn’t the best it could be.

There really are no stupid questions.

Do you have any questions for me? Any comments? Just leave them below.

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