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Branding And Marketing Your Freelance Business

Freelancing is a business. The way that any business builds success is through branding and marketing. No matter what your freelancing specialty is, you must create a “brand.” When people hear your business name or your tagline, they will automatically know what you specialize in. It also could be evident in your logo. Here are some great examples of branded freelancers:





Web Development







These are just a few brands. If you would like to view them closer, just click their logo and you will be taken to their website.

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The freelancing world is full of competition. Yes, you need to brand your company and yourself, but you also need to market your services.

When I Google search freelance businesses, I find very few ads related to the service I am searching for. Don’t feel bad, because I am not coming to the top either, but I am going to start searching for a system to rise to the top of those Google searches.

So what are some ways to market your freelance business?

Business Cards

Developing, and printing business cards is not expensive. When someone asks what you do, hand them a card. It can be amazing how much business you can get just by throwing your business card around.

lancerlife business card
Greg’s business card







A Website/Blog

I have discovered that just educating people about the type of freelancing I do gains me business. I just recently started this website/blog and I am amazed at the number of visitors already. I found a very cost efficient hosting plan that came with a free domain for 1 year. I highly recommend you do the same. Just click the following banner.


Other Marketing Techniques

There are a huge array of ways to market your freelancing business. Some make fliers or take out ads. Having a Facebook page is wise along with other social media sites. You may even consider making a video and putting it on Youtube.

Keep statistics as to where you are getting business from. As freelancers, we have different areas that we are pros at. It is imperative that you find your target market and go after them. If your freelance specialty is photographing infants, you would not advertise to seniors. If your specialty is writing about financial markets, you would want to gear your ads towards investors.


Branding and marketing are the name of the game for success in business. If you treat your freelancing as a business and not as a hobby, success will surely come.

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2 thoughts on “Branding And Marketing Your Freelance Business

  1. Marketing and promoting your business is where most entrepreneurs come up short. Whether you are a freelancer, or own any other type of business, you need a written marketing plan. Your marketing plan should have your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly objectives. You should spend at least 50% of your working hours marketing your business, so you can keep a steady flow of new leads and new business coming in. Just my two cents.

  2. And a wonderful 2 cents it is Chuck! Actually I believe the 2 cents you provided is worth thousands of dollars. Marketing and branding are the “lifeblood” of any and all businesses, and the suggestions you provided are dead on. Thank you sir.

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