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Freelancers Hire Freelancers

It is true!

The title of this article may seem like an oxymoron, but it is a true statement.

The majority of the freelancing jobs I have received have been from other freelancers. Consider some of these reviews, and then I will explain about the client.

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“Fun and easy to work with. ”— chuckholmes

Chuck is a freelancer who was a commander in the National Guard and also is highly involved with network marketing. I have completed many jobs for him, and he is a freelancer.

Leave 60 Comments on My Network Marketing Blog

“I’m way beyond happy! Thanks. ”— chuckholmes

10 Articles for a mortgage site

“excellent writer, highly recommended”— Client

This client is a freelance website developer. He makes beautiful websites, but he must outsource the content. Here is one of the websites: The Mortgage Specialist

We need someone to write and publish articles(press releases).

“Thank you Greg ”— vladiworld

Vlad and his partner are financial investment masters. It was my job to write about their great platform in learning how to invest in stocks. You can find it HERE.

by thearticlepress 2015-02-20 for Article: Write Your Story
Bloggers sometimes need articles because they are in a writing quandary. I helped this one out with the article on his blog: Go Design
by perr1er1 2014-11-26
Great writing
by amflores 2014-11-11
Very good quality article.(API)
by Looperous 2014-10-30
Great article, thanks.
by Paulop79 2014-10-28
Good writer and very fast respond for rewriting.
The majority of these were also blog posts ranging from legal to sports. They were all freelancers hiring another freelancer.

Network with other freelancers

It is wise to develop relationships with other freelancers. Paralegals can help lawyers. Writers can help graphic designers. Researchers can help writers; so on and so forth.

You can find other freelancers in many places. Facebook, Linkedin, and Google + are some top places to find other freelancers. You may even consider developing a team where each freelancer can help the other.

You may even find you have too much work on your plate and you can pass it on to another freelancer who has the same talents as yourself.

We are in this together

We may not have a union such as the Teamsters, but in a way we do. If all freelancers stick together and help each other, it will be a benefit to all of us.

That is why I made Lancer Life. It is meant to help others who freelance. If you would like to advertise your freelance business on here, just message me, and I am sure we can work something out.

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