Wise Freelance Business Practices

Having a successful freelance business can be realized if a person follows some simple guidelines. There are many freelance “pretenders” in the world. To have that success you desire, it is wise to follow these freelance business practices:

Having faith in your talents and abilities

Just knowing that you have the ability and the talent to complete the jobs you bid on is the first step in success. If you are considering bidding on a job, but you are unsure of your capabilities, it would probably be best if you move on to the next possibility. You must have the confidence, because “luck” is not a part of the freelancing world.

Always learning

You will never know it all about your chosen freelance career. There is always something new you can learn. Set aside a little time each day to read. Talk to other experts in the industry and learn from them. My Grandfather used to tell me that if we do not learn something new each day, it was a wasted day.

Ask questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Before, and even after accepting a job, ask questions so you can provide the best possible job. The more you ask, the more understanding you will have of what the client desires. Be sure and take notes. Do not rely on your memory.

Don’t chase scraps

There are many clients out there that will throw jobs out with budgets that are unreasonably low. Sure, maybe the work has been slow, but if you start accepting scraps, clients will look at you as if you are easy. Good luck getting the rates you deserve if you work for scrap rates.

Provide top quality work

Always make sure before you submit the work that it is your very best. Don’t cut corners. Remember that these clients talk to each other and your reputation is at stake. Give your very best, even if it takes more time.

Contracts, agreements, and escrow

Make sure you use good business sense with clients. I really like using Elance because they have an escrow program. Have the client put the money in before you start the work. It is wise having clear and concise contracts and agreements. They protect both you and the client.


Your freelance business just will not move very far if you do not market and advertise it. Have business cards, a website, social media, and sell your talents. That is how any, and all businesses find success.


These are all very simple business practices, but there are many freelancers who do not follow them. Just using common sense and following these practices can make your business move forward on the road to success.


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