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This Freelancer’s Typical Day of Work

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Freelancers Work Hard

There was a day when I worked in a factory and I found time to fish and relax. I must say that as a home-based freelancer, I really have not found the time to fish, and relaxation seems non-existent in most cases. But, I love freelancing. This post is about this freelancer’s typical day of work.


The alarm

It didn’t matter what time I finished writing the night before, the alarm is the same every morning. You see, Maggie works as a teacher, and she has a set schedule. So, I also have a set schedule, and that works good. It keeps me from sleeping in and wasting time.

The first order of business is to feed animals. We have dogs and cats that make a lot of noise the minute they hear me get up. For some reason, they think the food will get to them faster if they make noise.

our dogs


coffee and computer-courtesy of

Yes, coffee is the next agenda. Both Maggie and I would probably go wacky if we didn’t have our coffee. I make it and make her some breakfast. While I wait for her to get ready, I proceed to check emails and if I have any job requests. In most cases, I do. So I can get an idea what my daily plan will be. It is then that I hear, “Greg, you can load and start the car.” That is what I do.

The San Juan drive

I drive Maggie into San Juan. I must say that you do have to carry the correct mindset to do this. In my younger days, I would have been flipping up my middle finger every other car, but I have learned to just smile and wave, after all, we have a Cross hanging from the rear-view mirror.

I get her to her teaching job and make my way home.

Driving into San Juan


I open my laptop and proceed to write. I write and write and write. Just some of the typical freelance jobs I have done are:

The Home and Services Page For Royal Marble

Army 740A Warrant Officer

NATO Kosovo Medal

All website content for The Mortgage Specialist

and much more.

When I am not writing for others, I am adding to this website, or working on another book, or attempting to put together the course I am going to make available for people who want to learn how to self publish a book.

I pick Maggie up in the mid afternoon, and when we get back home, I am back at writing.

So when do I relax?

Yes, we take breaks from time to time, but I must say that I am relaxed all the time. It is because I love writing. If you love what you do, you relax doing it.

Why do I tell you all this?

If you are considering going full time into freelancing, you need to understand that it is a work all the time business. There is no set hours. It is a lifestyle and either you can do it or you need to stay with working a 9-5 job.

Just keep in mind that a freelancer’s typical day is anything but typical.

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