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Local Businesses Need You

So often as freelancers, we are searching the world jungle for prospects and customers. We often neglect the large market that is right in front of our face:


No matter the freelancing business you are in, there are local customers just waiting for you to call on them for their business. Many business people would much rather give their business to a local freelancer than have someone thousands of miles away doing it.

So what are you doing to advertise local?

There are many ways to let business people know the freelance business you have. My first thought is:

Business Card

Just handing your business card to prospective customers can generate business; especially if you have a well designed, and catchy card. When you enter a store, just leave your card with a short description of your freelancing business.

Classified Ads

Your local newspaper surely has classified ads. Try installing a short running ad about your freelancing business and see what kind of calls you get.


Be sure and post an ad on your immediate area’s Craigslist. This just makes good sense.


Get the addresses of the target markets you are attacking, and send out a mailer showing a sample of the freelancing services you offer.


Now I know you do not want to give away your work for free, but it can help in the overall scheme of things. If you have a local non-profit that needs some services such as you offer, it will pay in the long run to do this work as a freebie for them. Just ask for a byline so others will know.


Always, and I stress always ask customers if they know of anyone else that could benefit from your service. You may be surprised how many names you receive using this method.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few methods to attain local business. Remember that when you grow a strong local following, your freelance business will prosper and you may not even need to advertise outside your area.

As an added tip: always make sure you provide the best freelance work you can. It is word of mouth that can “make you or break you.”

Now get out there and get some local freelance business!

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