Why Outsourcing Is Good For Your Business: The Benefits

Outsourcing creates larger profits

As I have stated before, this blog is for freelancers and those who contract freelancers. Today’s post is going to go out to all those business people who are debating on whether to have your work performed in-house or outsource it. I am going to explain the benefits of outsourcing the responsibilities and duties that your business needs to succeed. Take a look at these benefits and you will surely understand why outsourcing is good for your business. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a large corporation, or the owner of a small business that is just trying to make it, these benefits are for all.

1: Larger Workforce: When you use an in-house force to try and perform certain duties, you only have the ability to choose from your local area. When you outsource, you have a worldwide job force, and you will be able to find the best person to fit the needs you have.

2: Cost Reduction: Let’s look at 2 scenarios…Joe usually takes care of your blog and social media posts, but he has scheduled a 2 week vacation to the Bahamas. Who will handle his duties? If you outsourced these responsibilities, the job would get done, and it might even by a freelancer who lives in the Bahamas.

Mary takes care of all your accounting, but she just discovered she has a medical issue that is going to require surgery. Not only are you out an accountant for several weeks, but you just discovered the medical insurance you have on Mary is being adjusted (not in your favor). If you outsourced your accounting, there would be no insurance, and if there was a surgery, someone else would take over.

I believe you probably see my point.

3: Less Infrastructure: Less parking areas, and less office space. Less computers, and fewer training sessions. Infrastructure costs are down, and profits are up.

4: Higher Morale Within and Higher Speed Out: This may seem confusing, so let me explain. In many cases, in-house workers are obligated to more responsibilities they can possibly handle, and often, the duties are far above their education level. Morale sinks, and you have negative forces all throughout your business. When you outsource, it lowers the job expectations of your in-house employees which raises their morale, and you attain a freelancer who speedily gets the job done in an efficient way.

5: Less Risk: When it comes to certain jobs, there is a level of legal issues. I am a freelance writer, and if I were to plagiarize someone else, and sell it to a client, the client would not face issues….I would. You get my point!

6:No More 9 to 5: Your business will be a 24/7 business when you outsource. No more watching the work you need completed be pushed off because it is time for the employee to clock out. You also don’t have to pay overtime to freelancers.

Final Thoughts

Sure, a freelancer may charge more than the employee’s hourly rate, but if you really use your calculator, you are probably still saving money, and gaining better work.

Hiring outsourcers is a wise decision. Outsourcing IS good for your business!

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