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Smart Freelance Business Practices

Successful Business Practices

No matter what kind of freelance business you operate, there are certain business practices that can help you gain, and hold success. Today’s post will look at some very simple business practices you should always use as a freelance business owner.

Solid Contact Information

If clients cannot get a hold of you, how are you going to get business? Now some feel they need to put their phone number, and I personally do not whole-heartily agree with that. I do believe an email address that you check often is important. On the phone number side, it may be best to invest in an 800 # that has a pre-recorded message. Do keep in mind that clients are sometimes in need of quick material, so stay aware of the contact places you have.

Show Your Works

Clients will usually not hire a freelancer if they cannot see the works they have done in the past. Have an easily available portfolio of your works so clients can see just how good you truly are.


Just like Lancer Life, it helps to blog your knowledge in the freelance area you inhabit. This is a great way to pick up clients. When they see your skills, they will contact you and hire you. I found a reasonably priced domain and hosting plan through the following banner.



Having a newsletter can keep clients aware of special offers you have, new freelancing techniques you have developed, and much more. You can sign up for the newsletter I offer here:

Offline Networking

Talk with business people in your community. Hand out business cards. Many businesses like to keep their purchases local as much as possible. If they are in need of freelancing services, they will call or email you.

150% Quality and Quantity

Always, I mean always provide better than the best. Clients remember a great job, and repeat business is a freelancer’s bread and butter. Give them more than they ordered and give them better than they ordered.

Ask For Testimonials & Reviews

Not only will these help you become better at your job, but you can use these to attract new clients.

Keep Track of Stats

Find out how and where clients found you. Keep track of the time it takes to complete jobs and adjust your pricing structure accordingly. Just watch all the numbers and let them help you decide what works and what doesn’t work.


These are all very simple smart business practices for a freelancer. If you use these, your odds of having less stress in your freelance business are high.

Have a great day, and may your freelance business shine.

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