The Qualities Of The Best Freelancers

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Quality Freelancers Have These Qualities

This post is geared toward both freelancers and clients who are searching for freelancers. There is a common denominator between all excellent freelancers. That is the qualities they have.

If you are a freelancer, these are qualities you need, and if you are a potential client, these are qualities you should be searching for in freelancers.

Time Management

This is a huge factor in whether a freelancer will be successful. Managing time is the only way you can feasibly get everything done in a systematic process. I have learned that first thing in the morning, I make a plan on the jobs I will do, how much time I will spend on them, and all other priorities to get the most out of each day.

Good Communication Skills

A freelancer has to be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas, along with ask the proper questions to guarantee the job is done correctly. In some cases, interviews need to be done, and other forms of communication. The client doesn’t want to hear that the freelancer doesn’t communicate well.

Prices Reflect Their Work

I see freelancers saying yes to very low amounts. To me this says that the work will be crappy. Once you do a job cheap, and even if it is good, clients will always expect the same. It is all right to offer a discount here and there, but overall, price it to the level you know you are worth.


A client doesn’t want to have to tell the freelancer how to do the job completely. The freelancer who asks initial questions, and then “goes for it,” even if it is somewhat wrong, will gain more respect than the freelancer who needs their hand held all throughout a project.

Clients, tell me in the comments if you agree.


The freelancer who acts and looks professional will have the most success. Sure, I have done jobs in my undies, but when speaking or Skyping with clients, I dress and act like I am the White House Chief of Staff.


A good freelancer will discover ways to get a job completed better, and faster than what the client expected. Freelancers who use resources not thought of will gain lifetime clients.


A client will always love to hear when a freelancer sets a goal. “I will have this part of the job done by _____” will give most clients a huge smile.


As a freelancer, you will find that clients often change their minds. It is a great quality if you are able to be flexible and adapt to client’s changing needs. In some cases, it means charging more, but most clients understand that; and if they don’t, they soon will.


You may wonder why this would be on the list for someone who works at home with no one under them. Simply put, a leader will take on responsibilities and will get jobs done. They lead themselves. Followers are just waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Who would want that with a freelancer they contracted?

Admits Mistakes And Promptly Fixes Them

We need to face it…we are not perfect. You will make a mistake sooner or later. Admitting it and fixing it will normally have clients overlooking the mistake quickly.

A Listener

No one likes it when someone talks over them…especially clients. The best freelancers completely listen to all the client has to say and then says what they need to.

Passion For Their Job

If a freelancer is always negative about what they do, will they do a good job for you? I doubt it. Passion is important.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the top qualities of the best freelancers. If you can think of any others, please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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