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Language Experts Needed

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a writer. Maybe photography isn’t your cup of tea. You long to freelance, but where do you fit in? Maybe being a translator is the answer.

Do you know another language?

As a freelance writer that lives in Puerto Rico, I get asked to do translation often. It just seems that many think that because I live here, I know Spanish. The Spanish I do know probably amounts to enough words that you could count them on your fingers. It is good that the Puerto Ricans have English as a second language so I can get by.

What I am posting about today is the amount of work available for freelancers who know another language. There are a huge amount of these jobs available. Maggie had translated my words into Spanish in a few of our books, but I know that there are a large amount of authors who want their books translated into other languages. Google translate just cannot do it.

Website owners are looking to have their sites in other languages. It is unreal just how many translation jobs are available.

Here are some of the jobs I have seen-Scroll on down to find other links too and the close of this article:


Translation Jobs On Freelancer

Translation Jobs on ProZ


Final Thoughts

So if you have the knowledge of another language, you have a possible freelance venture. Try being a translator. You may be able to make a good living doing so. Translators are needed all over.

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