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Important Tips For All Freelancers

Important Tips You Need To Know

No matter what type of freelancing you do….writer, graphic design, photographer, etc…there are some important items you need to remember. These important tips will help you succeed and make more money. I suggest you either write these down or print them off and use them.

Remember that freelancing is a business, and you need to treat it like a business. If you just run your business in a haphazard fashion, it won’t stay a business very long. Also, I suggest you subscribe to Lancer Life, as I will be adding more viable tips and information in Newsletters I send out periodically. I vow to keep your email only to myself. It will not be given to anyone else. You can sign up on the form below, and then scroll down for the important tips for freelancers.

1: Save for Uncle Sam or the Uncle over you

Yes, we all hate to pay them, but taxes are a necessary evil. If you take 25% of every penny you are paid on contract jobs and put them in a separate, interest bearing bank account, at the end of the year when you, or your accountant fill out those dreaded tax forms, you will smile when the amount you saved is over the amount you owe.

2: Save all receipts and keep track of all business expenses

As a freelancer you will find that there are many expenses that can be deducted on your taxes. Did you treat a client to Starbucks? Maybe you bought a software program that is for your freelance business. These items can most likely be deducted, but don’t quote me on that. I am a writer, not Henry Block. Ask your accountant or a tax professional.

3: Develop an elevator speech

When you meet any possible new client, you do not want to stumble over words in explaining what you do. It needs to be short and to the point as you are handing he/she your business card. Mine may go like this:

I am a published author and a well-rounded Freelance writer. I have ghostwritten website content, blog posts, business emails, sales letters, advertising circulars, and much more. When an individual or business needs words, I provide them.

4: Small printed portfolio

Yes, you probably have a beautifully designed portfolio in your computer files, but do you have a small set of examples of your work printed to hand to people? You could land a huge contract just by having this available.

5: Network

To be successful, you have to network. Networking consists of both online and offline meeting others. Get out there and network…this will get your name in front of people. Maybe they won’t use your services, but when someone mentions that they need a freelancer, your name will pop out.

6: Consistent work hours and ethics

3 days off and 1 day on; 10 hours today and 1 hour tomorrow; these ethics will force you out of freelancing very quickly. To be very honest, I find myself working more hours freelancing than I ever did a regular job.

7: Charge for extras

This was a lesson I had to learn quickly. There are many clients that will try to add more to the original job…and they think you will just “throw it in.” Don’t fall for it too often. I still do from time to time if I think that I have a client that will be ordering much more, but I also let them know that I normally charge for extras.

8: Go have fun and take a break

This is another lesson I often have to be reminded of. All work and no play makes ____ very dull. Learn to shut it all down every once in awhile and go have fun. Your work will come out much better when you do.


These are just a few of the tips for today. I will add more to Lancer Life as they appear in my mind. Be sure and go back up and subscribe as more tips will be sent to you.


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