Sending Large Files To Clients

When Large Files Can’t Be Sent By Email

I have been there…A client ordered a job and the deadline has quickly come. You have worked night and day to provide a quality freelancing work and it is time to send the clients the files. You open your email and try to add the file as an attachment, but you get that message you hadn’t considered: File To Large. Large files can’t be sent via this email service.

Yes, I have went outside and screamed at the top of my lungs too. Sure, you could zip that large file, but in many cases, quality can be lessened when you zip files. If you are a photographer, videographer or graphic designer, zipping large files is absolutely out of the question.

So how do you send that large file to your client?

In today’s post, I will provide several great services that allow you to send and receive large files.


This is my favorite. You can use it for free and add files up to 2GB. The premium version allows you to add more. It works great, and your files are safe with Dropbox. Here is a Video I have in Dropbox.


I haven’t used Hightail, but from my understanding it is also a great service. It is similar to Dropbox and has free and premium services.


This service is completely free. Yes completely free!! Did I tell you it is FREE! Send files up to 20GB in size for free.


Not only is this a great place to send files, it is also a wonderful place to store files. All files are safe from hackers at Dropsend.


For those of you who send many video files, Pando may be your best bet. They are well known for the quality of services they offer people sending video files.

Final Words

Ok, so stop screaming and use one of these services to get those files to your client. It may be in your best interest to ask the client which one they prefer. In some cases, your client may have another system they use. If they have their own servers, you may be able to “float it in a cloud” directly to their servers.

There is always a way. You don’t always have to rely on your email to send large files.

Ok, now I must get back to writing for clients….Have a great day.



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