Do You Really Need New Clients?

Is finding new freelance clients the answer?

Freelancing is a business. We need to run it as a business.

When you take a look at how many businesses operate, they are always interested in getting new customers, but the wise business owners are always checking on their previous customers. If you were to look at statistics of the most successful businesses, a huge amount of their business will be with returning customers.

So that is exactly why I ask: do you really need new clients?

When was the last time you followed up with your previous clients?

Have you dropped them an email lately? Have you called them? In many cases, you will catch them when they have been considering outsourcing some work. try asking them, “what are you struggling with right now?”

The client will start telling you all their woes, and usually you can find something that you can help them with…for pay of course.

Keep looking for new, but don’t neglect the old

By no means am I telling you to stop looking for new clients, but I am stressing the fact that you need to set up a schedule of following up with previous clients.

Personally, I feel that once per month is a good time pattern.

Don’t forget to also ask for referrals.

Final thoughts

If you are getting a large percentage of previous clients saying no thank you, it may be hard, but you may want to ask why.

Be prepared for the truth.

Maybe your work is substandard. Maybe your prices are too high. Maybe they don’t like your style.

It helps to find out why. It may hurt your pride, but that is the only way to fix a problem.

Well, that is it for today’s post. I hope it gives you some inspiration to reach out to those previous clients. You may get surprised by how much business you receive.

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