Writing A Proper Press Release

Press Release Writing And Distribution

As a freelance writer, I often find that I get opportunities to create press releases. Press releases can be a great marketing tool.

No matter your freelancing business, understanding how to properly write and distribute a press release can be a huge advantage. You can use them to give a boost for your business, or you can get paid to develop press releases for others.

In today’s post, I am going to explain the proper techniques in developing a press release. I will also use examples.

Press Release Format

A press release should only be one page. At the top of the page, you will want to either put:

  • For Immediate Release or
  • Do Not Release Until (Date)

I believe that a logo just below can help, but that also depends on the business and the client’s perspective.

Your next order of business is an attention grabbing headline. It also is proper to put a sub headline below the main headline which explains a bit more in-depth on the subject.

Before you start the story, you want to put the city and State or country with the Month, Day, and Year.

Now you write the body. You want to get directly to the point. Use short paragraphs with key information. Quoting key people in the business or organization is also quite wise.

At the very bottom, you want to install the contact information with the company name. Do not be shy in using links within your press release.

I am now going to give an example using Lancerlife.

For Immediate Release

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Freelancer?

Free eBook By Lancerlife

Lancerlife.com and Greg Boudonck offering a free eBook

San Juan, Puerto Rico May 21, 2015: Everyone likes to get free items. Greg Boudonck is now offering a free eBook on his website: lancerlife.com. The title of this book is: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Freelancer.

This short eBook is jam-packed with information on a growing element in today’s worker population. Many people are now telecommuting via freelance. As time goes by, it is inevitable many more people will join the ranks of freelancers.

We asked Greg why he is offering this book for free. He explained, “As I have been freelance writing for several years, I have discovered many people who are attempting to freelance, but are actually giving freelancers a bad image. It is my goal to educate would be freelancers on the way freelancing works. This book is only the start, as I also regularly write blog posts helping freelancers learn.”

In signing up for the free eBook Greg wrote, we learned that we also were signed up for a periodic newsletter that he provides straight to our email.

Greg shows people where they can bid on jobs, and the proper ways to do this. He also explains proper pricing structures.

We recommend signing up and receiving the free eBook Greg provides. A link to the Dropbox download will be sent soon after signing up. Be sure and bookmark and visit the lancerlife blog too.


Greg Boudonck


San Juan, Puerto Rico


END Press Release ###

Do You Understand?

It is short, simple, and packed full of information. Here is another example of a press release I developed for a client that was well accepted:

Redlands Volleyball press release

Conference Call Plans 234x60

Where Should You Release?

If your press release is a local event, you will want to take it to local news bureaus. This could be newspapers, radio stations and television networks.

For nationwide, or even worldwide coverage, there are free and paid release services. Some of the top rated free release services are:

PR Urgent

PR Log


As for paid press release websites, we recommend:

PR Newswire

PR Web

Business Wire

Final Words

Press Releases can create a huge influx of business. It can awaken a business or organization that has went into hibernation. If a press release is properly created, it can help you in your business, and as freelance writers, can make you some extra money.

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