A Blog Can Boost Your Freelance Business

Why A Blog?

I have had several people ask me why I blog. They see just how busy I am and wonder why I take time away from money producing activities to come here to Lancer Life and write an article that I seemingly do not get paid to write.

Yes, I am busy!

At this point in time, I have several articles that need to be completed, along with some other jobs that I have accepted, but to say that this blog is not money producing is false.

Just moments ago, I was contacted via email by a blog designer from the Middle East. He is interested in hiring me to create long blog posts. How did he find me? Through this blog. So this blog does create a source of income.

I also am affiliated with the ad networks and when a person purchases an item, I do receive a commission. This blog has helped my freelance writing business in multiple ways. As a freelancer of any type, it is my opinion that having a blog will help your business. It:

  • Shows you have authority in the subject matter you freelance in
  • Showcases your skills
  • Allows you to show your portfolio/resume
  • Provides a break from the mundane

You do not need web designing skills to set up a blog. It does help to have slight knowledge, but the directions are all across the internet.

I managed to obtain a great deal through this webhost. Here is a video tutorial on setting up a blog through them.

Easy WordPress Installation with iPage


A Blog Can Help Your Freelance Business

Having a blog is like free advertisement. As you write articles of educational value, readers will share them with others. You can share works you have completed which will help your clients who then will keep coming back.

But Aren’t You Helping Your Competition?

I hope I am. I don’t look as other freelance writers as being competition. There is more than enough work to go around. If I can help another writer, it will provide a better outlook to the freelancing community, and more businesses will search for freelancers instead of doing the work in-house.

I highly recommend a blog for your freelance business. You will benefit, I guarantee it.

By The Way

I just had another book published. If you would like something to read go check out my newest which is available in paperback or on Kindle. Just click the link below:

The Rape Of Puerto Rico

Have a great day!

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