Morals And Ethics In Freelance

Do you stand by your morals and ethics?

As a freelancer, we can often find ourselves tugged into breaking our morals and ethics. Personally, I just won’t, but the temptation is often present.

In these days, many traditional businesses have been getting sued for following the morals they have been taught since early in life. When a person doesn’t have the ability to refuse to do business on the grounds of morals, we have a huge problem, but at this point, there is no need to get political.

How to follow your morals without getting sued

I have had requests to write erotic material. I won’t do it. I won’t write material on subjects that coincide with atheist agendas. I also have issues with writing about the homosexual agenda. So how do I deny these requests without getting sued?

I won’t claim that I am denying on moral grounds, I just claim that I don’t have the “expertise” to write on these subjects. I am not lying, and I am also keeping from the debate issue that I am discriminating. It is that simple.

I recommend that if you find yourself in a the same position, that you use the same approach.

I also must say that before taking a job, always know exactly the type and subject matter of the material you will be asked to perform. If the client states that there will be multiple topics, it is probably best if you are honest and tell them what subject matter you will not perform.

I mentioned honesty, and that is where the term ethics comes in. As a freelancer, you need a code of ethics. This will give you respect from clients.

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Freelancer Code of Ethics

When we talk about morals and ethics, we often think of what we won’t do, and “why don’t some of these clients have morals?”, but we must remember that our own code of ethics is what will help us succeed as freelancers. I speak of:


The most successful business people in this world do not lie. We must always be honest. That is a must in a freelance business.


If you are doing freelance work for one business, and their competition wants you to do work for them, loyalty means turning it down; or at least talking with your client and explaining the situation. If they are ok with you doing work for the competition, then go for it, but the odds say they won’t be.


If we say we will have the work done at 3 PM on Thursday, it is best to deliver it by 1 PM on Thursday. If you say you will be at a Go To Meeting, don’t be late.


Some may think this means going against our morals. No, I disagree. We all have opinions, but when it comes to freelancing, we need to keep our opinions in the closet. I don’t see it as breaking morals if you are a Republican by nature, but you are writing a paper on a Democrat political stance as long as it doesn’t fly against your morals.


This is just common sense. If you need to meet a client in person, dress business like.


Successful business people have strong organizational skills. Get, and stay organized.

Triple Check

Before you deliver the work to the client, check it 3 times for any possible mistakes.

Treatment of Competition

Do not degrade or humiliate other freelancers. Attacking them in dirty ways will come back to haunt you. Actually, I feel good when I help my competition…that is the reason for this blog.

Stay Healthy

If all you do is work, you will have a dull life. Eat well and live healthy. Your freelance business will survive without you for a few hours, or even a whole day.

Final Words

Maybe you have some other ethics you would like to add. Please provide a comment below.

Have you faced the issue of having to turn down business because of your morals and ethics? We would love to hear how you dealt with it.

Give your opinions and thoughts. Thank you.


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