Freelance Journalism: A Wise Choice

Freelance The News

Everyday there is a news story in progress. While many newspapers and other news venues hire reporters and journalists, they also will often purchase well written news stories from freelancers. Freelance journalism is a great choice when you are considering who to write for.

There are several things you should know about journalistic writing.

Journalism Principles

  • Nothing but the truth.
  • The readers and community are your primary boss.
  • Bias free.
  • News must be comprehensive.

The most common form of journalistic writing is Associated Press Style. If you have a desire to write freelance news style, it is wise for you to learn all you can about AP Style. One of the best sources of free education on this comes from Purdue University. Read their description on AP Style HERE.

Getting Freelance Journalism Jobs

The best place to start in getting freelance journalism jobs is local. Go visit the editor of your local newspaper and “pitch” him/her on the types of stories you would like to submit. Find out if they have an interest. In some cases, reporters will pay freelancers for stories also. You will be selling your rights completely, but you will get paid.

As you start getting some AP Style news stories in the public’s eye, you can use them in your portfolio to find other journalism jobs. Do keep in mind that you will face a lot of rejection, but if you stay persistent, you will break in at some point.

A little tip:

Go for the news stories that other reporters have been missing.

Possible Freelance Journalism Jobs:

Here are some links to possible places you can “land” a freelance journalism job.

Journalism Jobs

Linkedin Journalism Jobs

Gorkana Jobs

Journajobs Clearance

Final Thoughts

Writing news stories is much different than other forms of writing. It is smart to educate yourself all about journalism style writing. The more you understand about it, the easier it will be to write in the AP Style.

If freelance journalism is a type of freelancing you might be interested in, the only way to break in is just start doing it. If you have what you think is a great news story, just write it and pitch it. There may be an editor that will love your story.

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