How To Help Your Client More

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Help Yourself By Helping Your Client

As freelancers, we need to always keep in mind that our clients are our main priority.

The best businesses have realized that repeat business is more lucrative than finding new customers. It is that way with freelancing too.

Yes, we should always look for new clients, but we should never neglect our previous clients either.

I have discovered that helping clients does not just consist of doing the job you are contracted for. It goes much further. We can use our years of freelancing to help our client, and by doing so, the odds of attaining repeat business grow higher. Even if they don’t need a freelancer again, they will probably refer you if you are exceptional.

These are some added ways you can help your clients.

Offer Suggestions

If offered in a positive fashion, and not in a way that gives the client the impression you are better than them, simple, or even complex suggestions can be good. An example may be: The client desires a 150 word blog post written on the top 3 hotels in Las Vegas. As the freelancer, I would probably just say: “I have no problem writing a 150 word post, but I believe you would have better readership if the blog post were longer. I would also be able to provide more in-depth information on each hotel. I just thought I would suggest that, but whatever you desire in length, I will gladly write.”

If the client still only desires 150 words, I would give them 200 words at the same price.

Give Them More

Always give the client more than they are paying for.

Share Their Material

No matter if you built a website, wrote material or any other freelancing job, you can help your clients in huge ways just by sharing their material. Refer to them if you know someone who needs the products or services they offer, and share their website on social media.

When you help your clients, you are helping yourself. While I say that, I want to tell you all about some of the clients I have.

Online MLM Community

Part-Time Commander

Royal Marble

Measuring Usability

On Time…Even Early

It really helps clients when you can get their work done on time, but even better, early. When a client knows you are one to give them what they need early, they will keep coming back.

Final Thoughts

Remember that just doing the job is not the best business decision for freelancers. Help your clients as much as possible, and great things will come your way.

I hope this post helps you. Have a great day.


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