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I Joined A Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union

In most aspects, I have always been “wary” of the union. I have watched as family and friends have stood on picket lines because their union told them to and soon found themselves unable to feed their families. When I was young, I had a brick thrown through my windshield because I came across a picket line at a meat-packing plant.

I have seen the outrageous “dues” some have to pay, and I said to myself that I could fight my own battles…I didn’t need a union.

Yes, there have been unions that have done good for the employees, but the cost involved was sometimes high.

Now I write. I write books and I freelance for many clients. I thought I would never even consider union-ship unless a client asked me to write about the Teamsters or some other American unions.

Just recently a client asked me if I was a member of the Freelancers Union. “Why would I?” I asked. He explained that they were a large organization that is growing daily. They help freelancers, he explained. I wondered why a client would tell me this; after all, wouldn’t any freelancer’s unions be his enemy per say?

I decided to take a look into the organization, and the first thing I saw was this:


53 Million??? WOW!

I looked further into the Freelancers Union and I decided to join. This is why:


  • It’s free to join. That’s right…no dues. They didn’t ask me to install my credit card number. They don’t ask my blood type. Its free.
  • Like-minded freelancers. We all know that networking can bring jobs. What one freelancer cannot handle just may be passed on to a fellow member.
  • Benefits. They have insurance programs, retirement programs and discounts on many other items often needed by freelancers.
  • Help. With so many experienced freelancers all in one place, if I have a question, I am sure it will get answered.

These are just a few of the reasons I decided to join.

So I set up my profile HERE

I highly recommend that you join too. As I said, it is free and there are advantages. You can sign up


Here is a video that the Freelancers Union created to help you understand why they can help.

I joined, how about you?

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