Why Every Freelancer Needs Skype

Skype is a useful freelance tool

I regularly follow several other freelance writers. It is a great way to learn some tips and tricks of the trade. While I believe I am the best writer, they do have wisdom that I can learn from. One of these people is a world-renowned writer by the name of Bob Bly. I normally agree with the vast amount of opinions Bob has, but not long ago I received his newsletter and in it he stated that he is against using Skype when dealing with clients.

I disagree Bob

While I do go along with what he said about the client and freelancer not needing to see each other, there are some other benefits that using Skype offers that a cell phone doesn’t. First, it is free.

Yes, if you are working with local clients, the cell phone is probably free too, but I just recently found myself contracted by a client in Capetown, South Africa. The phone calls are not free, and while either of us can probably afford the call, why pay when we have Skype?

san juan puerto rico, capetown south africa

The job I contracted to do for this gentleman is writing a book. Part of that job entails “picking his brain.” It would get costly interviewing him over the phone, and then the other issue is recording the information. While I have a good memory, it is better if everything is recorded. That can be done via Skype.

Yes, every freelancer should utilize Skype. You can download it here.

I also discovered a software that allows you to record Skype calls for free. I discovered it through the great PC website.

You can get that recorder at this website. They also have many other great tools.

Sorry Bob, but I had to disagree this time, but don’t stop sending your newsletters. I enjoy reading your material.


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