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Staying Busy

Some time back I wrote a post explaining how multi tasking is non-productive. I still agree with that, but do to the fact that many misunderstand, I need to delve much deeper.

Right now, I have several tasks going on. No, I am not multi tasking. I am working on each one separate.

I am installing comments on a blog about multi level marketing.

I am writing a book for a gentleman from South Africa on starting a MLM company. You can view his website here.

I regularly write article for a military blog. You can view them here.

Along with those jobs, I am hard at work writing another book that will show all of you what you did not learn in school about American Wars. I honestly believe this book will be a top seller. You can view some of the books I have written here:

Why am I telling you this?

No, it isn’t good to multi task, but it is great to have a wide range of jobs and tasks. If I get stuck, or writer’s block, I can move to a different task.

I have many different jobs going, but I only work on one at a time.

Yes, I love having many tasks, because I know I will be getting paid. It is much better than wondering where that next job will come from.

Well, I took some time to write this blog post, but I really need to get back to the tasks I have at hand.

Have a wonderful day, and a great weekend.

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