How To Keep Working Consistently: Bidding

Keep Bidding

I often hear freelancers saying they have difficulty staying busy. There could be several factors that cause this:

  • You are over charging. If your prices are outrageous, many will find someone who fits their budget.
  • You are under charging. When I started freelancing, my prices were lower than my competitors. I wasn’t getting hired, and I noticed clients were paying higher rates. Many clients assume that if your work is that cheap, they quality will also be cheap.
  • You are not marketing your services. It does help having my website. When people hear and see your works consistently, they will seek your talents and abilities.
  • And last…you are not bidding on jobs consistently. This is essentially what this blog post is about. If you do not consistently bid on jobs, you are not playing the odds.

Just yesterday, I was speaking to a very good artist about his getting into freelancing. Edgar provided the cover and interior artwork for one of our books: Kayro’s Key.

I am going to share several places where you can find freelance jobs to bid on:


Just click the Elance name and it will take you to the website. Elance will soon be closing down as they have integrated with the next link I will put.


If you click the name it will take you to the website. You can register as a freelancer and start bidding on jobs. I will explain more about bidding later in this post.

Freelance Writing

There are many freelance jobs listed here. You do not have the protection that you have through websites like Elance and Upwork, but I have won some great jobs and had no problems getting paid.


It is important that you know what you are worth. Too many “wanna be” freelancers are charging low prices that make no sense. They wonder why they are not making good money. Charge what the rates should be! Do some research and see what going rates are in your type of freelancing.

Sometimes clients will put their budget in the ad for bids. While this can help you, keep in mind that some of these clients have no idea what the freelancing job is worth. I recently was invited to bid on a job in which the client wanted a 5000 word ebook written. They said their budget was $20. I coughed and wheezed, but I bid anyway to teach them about pricing structures. My bid was low at $160. I noticed some character won the bid for $18. I bet that ebook will  be quality material—hmmmm????

DesignCrowd (US)

4+ Bids Per Day

I attempt to put in 4 or more bids each day on one or more of these websites. By doing so, I stay, for the most part, consistently busy.

If you want to keep busy in your freelance business, I suggest you do the same. It all comes down to time management. Pick a certain time of the day and make your bids. If you are using a fair bidding structure, and showing off your portfolio…you will stay freelance busy!

P.S. I suggest you subscribe to Lancerlife. You may also want to subscribe to Freelance Writing’s newsletter as he sends out jobs to bid on.

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