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No Call, No Show and I Still Have a Job

I took 2 days off with no call, and still have a job

No I didn’t use vacation days and I had no sick days.

I was a no call, and I just took 2 days off in a row.

Is my boss angry?

Nope, he is actually happy that I did.

Ahhh…the life of a freelancer!


I remember back when I worked in factories. I dreaded even considering calling in to work. It meant that I would have to obtain a Doctor’s excuse. It meant having to make up work I didn’t get completed. It meant losing a day of pay.

Well, I still lost 2 days of pay…or did I? I did have some book sales while I was roaming around Puerto Rico. I know that I sold some of each of these books:

So Maggie and I took one day and drove down to Patillas, Puerto Rico. We had so much fun, we decided to do it a 2nd day. I was a no call and no show again.

Puerto Rico is wonderful this time of year…actually any time of the year. Here are some pictures that I took:

copyright-Greg Boudonck
copyright-Greg Boudonck
copyright Greg Boudonck
copyright Greg Boudonck
copyright Greg Boudonck
copyright Greg Boudonck

This is why I love Freelancing

Yes, I will have to do a little catching up, but I won’t go to work tomorrow wondering what my boss is going to say to me. I didn’t have to go find a Doctor willing to provide me with an excuse (which probably would have cost me at least $50).

I even had 2 articles published that I wrote for a client before I decided to play “hooky” from my job. If you would like to read them just go to the following links:

Top 7 Military Leadership Lessons from the Vietnam War

The 18th Military Police Brigade: 10 Cool Facts

Final Words

I just wanted to share this great advantage of freelancing. I hope it helps you decide if you would like the freelancing world or not. USA

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