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Over the years that I have been freelancing, I have found good websites and bad websites for finding and bidding on freelancing opportunities.

As a writer, I primarily use the websites that cater to writers, but some of them do have listings for other freelancer talents.

Below, I am going to share the websites that have worked well for me, and i have also performed some research to provide websites that I haven’t necessarily used. There are links to the sites.

I ask that if you have comments, or reviews good that are positive or negative, please share down in the comment section.

This first listing will soon be closing down, as they merged with what will be #2. I am putting them here, because I have had great jobs come to my computer from them.


This website is set up quite well. You can put your portfolio and a complete profile. They have escrow protection so you know you will be paid. Like I said though, Elance has merged with the next listing, but you can still visit Elance here.


Upwork used the old Odesk system, and Elance and Odesk are now becoming Upwork. Thus far, I like their system. I suggest you set up your profile and start bidding on jobs. You can do that here.


Brian Scott set up a magnificent website here. I have bid on and won several jobs. Go through the many tabs and see the jobs that may interest you. Visit the website here.


Do you have a knack at the development of software? Major companies are interested in contracting freelance software developers, and they use Toptal as a bridge to find them. Visit the website here.


Craigslist is an excellent source for finding freelance jobs. Many businesses and individuals use the Craigslist platform to post jobs. Just visit Craigslist.org


Guru has been described as a great site especially for web design professionals. Find and bid on jobs that interest you at this website.

Final Thoughts

These are a few of the websites you can use to gain freelance jobs. It is wise to have your own website. I also have a place here where you can post a free advertisement of your freelance services, or you can purchase a premium ad. Just go to this link.

Now get to bidding. There are freelance jobs that need you.

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