Why You Will Not Find Me On Fiverr

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I just say no to Fiverr

As an internet business, I commend Fiverr. I believe they are doing well.


Because clients want things cheap, and that is why you will not find me working through Fiverr. As an established and talented freelancer, You normally will not find me doing any jobs for $5….unless you want 2 sentences.

I believe that many of the freelancers who work through Fiverr offer something simple for $5, but upsell the clients for more. Other freelancers are prostituting themselves and giving $20, $30 or even $100 work away for $5.

So why don’t I use the upsell idea through Fiverr?

Because it is giving many clients the idea they can get anything for $5.

I write this post today because just yesterday, I had a gentleman invite me to bid on his job on Upwork. The job consisted of drafting a press release for his new business. I looked at his budget and it said $5. I practically spit all my coffee on my laptop. I guess he didn’t look at the other press release jobs I have done.

An average press release is anywhere from 400-800 words. So lets just average that at 600 words and at my lowest price of 3.8 cents per word would be $22.80. Now I normally do not give a first time client my lowest rates. 3.8 cents is quite low and it would be more realistic if I charged 6 cents per word which would have made that press release a $36 job.

He wanted it for $5

Whoops, I just about spit more coffee on my computer.



Fiverr has created false assumptions

If outsourcers want to use $5 freelancers, more power to you….but keep in mind that you will get $5 material. It is similar to buying $1 laundry soap or $10 detergent. You will still have dirty clothing with the $1 stuff and you may have a smell that appears like a septic tank. Sure, you paid $9 more, but your clothes are clean and you smell like a tropical garden.

You get what you pay for

No, you won’t find me on Fiverr, but if you are seeking quality freelance writing, you can contact me here.

You can also find me on Upwork Here.

Or while Elance is still operating you can hire me here

Final Words

I apologize Fiverr about the bad review, but I just cannot, and will not use your system. Professionals don’t give their work away for cheap.

If you are a freelancer, I suggest you charge what you are worth, and if you are an outsourcer, it will be to your advantage if you pay more for the best.

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