A Normal Day For A Freelancer

Anytime someone asks me what a normal day is for me, I feel like falling on the floor laughing. Is there a true “normal day” for any freelancer?

Usually the only answer I can give is coffee.

Yes, coffee is a normal part of my day as a freelancer. Without coffee, I would wonder if I would get anything done.

If you are considering becoming a freelancer, but you have become adapted to a normalcy in everyday life, you just may have a hard time being a freelancer. The picture I installed at the start of this post…an octopus describes what the average freelancer needs….8 arms, and that may not be enough.

So, an average day for me…a freelancer:

The alarm

6am and that alarm is going off again. The dogs have been barking, and the sun is shining on my face. I roll over and Maggie tells me good morning. We say our morning prayer and read some verses from the Bible…this is normal and a part of our everyday life. It helps me live in the abnormal world I inhabit.

I feed the pets…1 house dog by the name of Chicito. The 3 legged lab who guards the front door…Clifford. The 2 watch dogs that we found abandoned at Cerra Marravilla in the Puerto Rico central mountain range when they were pups….Cerra and Merra. And a plethora of cats that keep rats away.

I then make coffee—YEP COFFEE! and Maggie gets a sandwich of bread and cheese or something else. I take a vitamin and then:


There is no normal process from here. I begin to check emails for fires to put out. I look at jobs to bid on. I work on articles that are pressing. At some point I find time to work on the next book I will publish.

Nothing is normal, and I do not follow any certain daily system. I know what needs to be done and I do it.

But there is one thing that is normal….Coffee. And guess what? My cup is now empty.

So now that you understand what a normal day is for a freelancer…I will leave and go get another cup of coffee.

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