SEO is second

SEO Should Be Your 2nd Priority

Make SEO 2nd

In today’s post, I am directing this to both outsourcers and freelancers.

I find so many people “hip hopping” to get the best SEO (search engine optimization). Yes, we all want our material at the top of major search engines quickly, but should that be your first priority?

Speaking from personal opinion, I say no.

So why do I say this?

Keywords and Key Phrases

I often notice outsourcers wanting a plethora of keywords and key phrases installed in articles. It can be frustrating when a person wants 10 keys installed in a 300 word article. How does a freelancer write a quality article if they are trying to figure out how to install these keys?

The key to climbing to the top is quality content… not the keys within it.

As a writer, I have learned to not worry about keywords. I just write the best that I possibly can. If I have a client that desires multiple keywords or phrases, I go back through the top-notch article I wrote to see if I can adapt the keys in it in a smooth fashion.

So what if I cannot?

I speak with the client and explain the situation. If they are adamant about the keys being installed, I will “butcher” the great article I wrote and put them in, but with an explanation to the client first.

I have discovered that many clients will understand just with the explanation as I am providing in this post.

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Outsourcers… Are you listening?

We all want to see an internet that has quality content. Google has done algorithm updates to guarantee this. The best way to succeed in SEO is just to have the best content… not the best keywords.

I have discovered this principle through trial and error. Articles that I wrote using the best keys do not get the views that the articles that I wrote with pride and didn’t worry about keys.

It all reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams.

“Build it and they will come.”

Write quality content, and they will read it.

Final thoughts

I hope that I made sense to all of you with this post. If we commit to the development of high quality content, Google and the rest will reward all of us.

What are your thoughts? I am interested in hearing what you think about this subject even if you disagree with me. Please comment below….

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