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Freelancing Will Help Save The Environment

Green Freelancing

You know, freelancing is helping save the environment.

I recently read an excellent blog post from Wordfence WordPress Security called Commuting Kills.

They are completely right in this article…commuting does kill. It kills the person quicker that is commuting. It risks pedestrians and other drivers, but most of all, it is polluting the environment. The environmental impact from this shows: 299 million metric tonnes of CO2 every year from car commuting.

Yes, freelancing is saving the environment.

No more commuting, plus the electric usage at offices is cut down. The paper used to do payroll, employee memos, among other things is another added environmental factor.


You can do your part in helping save the environment. Contract a freelancer for the projects that can be done from remote locations.

You will be doing your part.


Considering Freelancing???

Here is a great reason to freelance. Do you really want to commute daily to an office or factory? The average commute distance is 29 miles to and from. The amount of fuel used is mind-boggling; 33.7 billion gallons of fuel burned by commuters per year.

Why not work remotely?

Why not freelance?


I understand that you may be thinking, “What if I can’t? What if no one contracts me?”

It is best that you start Part Time. Don’t just quit your job and enter freelancing. Do it on the side until you build the business to a comfortable level.

I put out a free ebook that explains much of this. All you have to do to receive this ebook is subscribe to this blog. I do not share your name or email with anyone else. I do send out a periodic newsletter, and that is to help you be a better freelancer.

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Final Green Thoughts

We need to save the environment, and freelancing and working remotely is a great answer to helping. I call upon outsourcers to please consider what you can start outsourcing and help do your part to save the environment.

Workers, freelancing is growing strong. It is a great idea to jump on the freelancing bus now. You too will be helping to save the Earth.

I hope you understand.

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Have a wonderful day!

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