Outsourcers: Longer Is Better

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This blog post is directed primarily to outsourcers, and also to any of you who maintain a blog.

Longer IS better! The fact is, long blog posts are read more and generate more, and better business. While many people may argue with it, Neil Patel from NeilPatel.com ran an A/B test and proved that his long content generated more business and kept people on for a longer period. You can read more about that testing at Quicksprout.

The other sign shows that listings showing up on Google’s search engine has content that carries a lot of words ranking much higher than the shorter articles. It makes sense to have more content. But, that doesn’t mean to just start typing words that don’t carry much meaning. Google’s algorithms will catch you if you do, and readers will complain too.

I am writing this blog post because a regular client of mine recently asked that I start “upping” the word counts on the blog posts I have been writing for him. Now, please understand that I was at the mindset that short, high quality content was best. I had assumed that 500-700 word posts were best. But, I did what the client asked for, and I have noticed that those articles have been getting good attention. The articles range from 1,000 to 1,800 words. Yes, I charge more, but the client asks for more, so it must be generating business.

Here are some of the recent articles I have wrote:

Top 20 Amway Products

The 9th Infantry Division: 23 Cool Facts

166th Aviation Brigade: 24 Amazing Facts


Well, I recommend you go ahead and pay a little more and get longer blog posts. They will help in the long run.

I must say that I am going to break my rule of long blog posts on this article, because I have so much more to do. Several jobs are going at the same time, but I wanted to share this information with all of you.

Final Thoughts

So, do you agree or disagree? Is longer better?

I guarantee that this post probably will not get high in the search engines, because it is short. So I am counting on all of you to share it with those who need to see it.

Thank you and please comment below.


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