Guest Posting Can Help Your Freelance Career

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Guest Posting Can Help

There are many websites and blogs who are always searching for guest bloggers. Many of these pay, plus you keep the copyright and you are listed as the author.

This is a great way to raise you reputation as a freelance writer.

I have been performing some guest posts on high authority blogs and websites, and I bet you can too.

I am going to share some of the articles that I have authored, and I will then provide some links to sites that just may hire you to guest blog.

Some of my guest posts

I just recently began guest posting at These are some of those posts:

16 Ideas For Motivating Employees

Salespeople and Apple Pickers: Their Similarities

Low Cost Business Start Up Ideas

These are just a few. I know Will is in search of other guest posters. If you think this is a site you may be interested writing for, just visit this link:

Feedster – Write For Us

I have been freelancing for Charles for some time. He owns and operates 2 websites and I have guest posted on both. These are some of those articles:

At Online MLM Community

Top 20 Amway Products of All Time

Top 50 Facts About Herbalife

The Top 20 Herbalife Products of All Time

At Part Time Commander

I have authored a wide variety of posts at this site managed by Chuck. Here are 3 of those articles:

National Guard Zombie Training: 13 Cool Things You Should Know

The Army Soldier’s Medal: 13 Cool Facts

National Guard K9: 12 Cool Facts

Why guest posting helps

When you guest post, normally you leave a biography at the end which will have a link to your website/blog. People who are reading will click through to your site.

You can use these posts in your portfolio.

Lastly, the majority of these are paid.

So it is a win-win.

Here are some links to sites that may be looking for guest bloggers:

I also suggest you sign up for Upwork where outsourcers hire freelancers.

These are just a few. You can find many more by searching guest bloggers in your search engine.

Want to write for Lancerlife?

I would be willing to accept high quality articles for lancerlife. Of course, they must be on freelancing or outsourcing. I may pay, but it depends on quality, length and so forth. The key is: you will get recognition as the author and you can also install links.

If you may want your name on Lancerlife, just contact me with your idea.

I hope this article helped you, now I have to get back to work. They are waiting on articles!

Qualify up to $2,500 instant spending limit.

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