Multiple Income Streams For Freelancers

Income Steams You May Want To Use

The freelancing world can sometimes be a roller coaster.

I have found myself overloaded with work during periods, and then suddenly the well goes dry. I have learned to save my pennies, dimes and quarters for these dry moments, but I have also learned that the wise freelancer has multiple streams of income.

Much of the income I have on the side of freelance writing works nearly on auto-pilot. By no means has it made me rich, but every little bit coming in does help.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you some of the other streams of income I have on top of my freelance writing. Some take added work, but others can provide me with money with little work.

Scroll down and learn:

Books and eBooks

While it takes work formatting, writing and publishing books and eBooks, once they are complete, all you need do is market them from time to time, and collect your royalties.

I have over 50 books self published, with the majority of them also available in eBook format on Amazon Kindle. I even wrote a book that can show you how to go about this. You can get it at the link below:

And you can find my other books at this link:
My Other Books


The majority of freelancers do have their own website or blog. In all actuality, the website itself will not make you money, but what you put on it can. I will go into more detail on that further on in this post, but I will say that you can build your freelance business with your own website, and you can use it to have other income streams.

I found a great deal on Lancer Life in which I bought the domain and hosting all for 1 package. You can check it out here:


This is where you can use your website to make you affiliate money. You will install advertisements, and when website visitors click or purchase, you get a commission. Personally, I use:

You can also sell advertising placement on your website.

Network Marketing

Last, but not least, you can sign up on the same program I am in. This company has health products along with other items that are reasonably priced. You can sell the items and get others to also start their own small business and earn a commission.

Just follow this link to sign up for free:

Join My Team

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a more stable freelancing income, help it out with other streams of income using these methods.

Now I have to go back to freelancing, because I am swamped with work.

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