Reasons You Are Not Winning Freelance Bids

Win Bids!

Have you been bidding jobs, and no one is accepting your bid or even interviewing you?

There are some common reasons that many people do not win bids. I am going to go through many of the reasons below, but the first thing I will say is: use empathy. Put yourself in the position of the outsourcer. Looking at your bid, and any other information you sent them, would you hire you?

Look at these aspects and you just may discover why you are not getting hired:

A Complete Portfolio

When you review your portfolio, does it look professional? Do you have recent projects in it? Are all outside links to material still good? All of this goes for your resume too.

Read And Answer The Complete Job Proposal

I have found this to be a common gripe from outsourcers. Many freelancers do not read the complete proposal. Do yourself a big favor, and read it completely. Be sure and answer how you will go about each part of the job, and give an accurate bid.

Price Too High

Most outsourcers will tell you their budget. Try to keep it within their budget unless they are drastically low, and then explain why you are bidding higher than budget, but do that in a respectful way.

Price Too Low

Yes, this can scare off potential clients. Many outsourcers want quality material, and if your price is too low, they assume the quality will be low also.

Terrible Spelling and Grammar

If you are a freelance writer, your spelling and grammar should be perfect. Other freelancers should make sure they are grammatically correct too. There is an advertisement over in the sidebar for Grammarly. You may want to click it.

After Support

Many outsourcers look for this. If they need a revision or 2, will you? Be sure and offer your after support within your bid. I always offer up to 2 revisions on my fixed price bids.

Your Perfection

Most client prospects do not want to hear how great you are. While you are selling yourself, don’t tell them about your awesome abilities…Show them!

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No Automation

Do not use automatic bidding or answering systems.

Early Bird

Some freelancers believe in waiting until other freelancers have bid. I disagree! I have had clients shut down a bidding ad because I applied and they hired me before the bidding was up.

No Online Reputation

If you “Google” your name, what comes up? Clients will do this, so your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other pages should show off your freelancing skills.

And The Last Reason You are not Winning Bids is because

I am also bidding on the job. LOL

Final Thoughts

If you learn from this post, and also are persistent, you will start getting freelance jobs.

If any of you have more to add to this, or any comments or questions, just post the below. Thank you.

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