Try Using The Trollope Method

“It is a grand thing to rise in the world. The ambition to do so is the very salt of the earth. It is the parent of all enterprise, and the cause of all improvement.”    Anthony Trollope

A freelance plan

Do you start your day with a plan of action? As a freelancer, you should always have a plan. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Many of us think that we should start with the biggest priorities first and work from there. While this may seem like the best plan of action, I have had to ask: is it? If that high priority job is long, boring or monotonous, we can become frustrated. We may get that job finished, but our patience is shot, and we give up, pushing the other jobs until the next day.

I don’t know about you, but one of my goals with my freelancing business is to gain wealth and freedom to travel and live life comfortably. Pushing work to the next day will not help me achieve those goals. I have discovered that the Trollope Method may work better.


Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope was a highly successful novelist who lived from 1815-1882. Trollope wrote a lot of great books in what would be considered a short time to most authors. How did he do this?

Trollope wrote in 15 minute increments. He would then take a short break, and do it again. He would always try to write 250+ words in those increments, so in 1 hour, he was achieving 1,000 words. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long to finish a book.

Maybe you are not writing a book…I am working on another one now myself…but I believe we can use the Trollope method in our freelance business along with everyday tasks. Here is how I believe you could use the Trollope Method:

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15 Minute or 30 Minute Increments

We have those long jobs, short jobs, along with other daily tasks. If you are planning, you probably are putting the jobs that have to be done the fastest at the top of the list. Maybe that first job is a long one…I start with it and work it for either a 15 or 30 minute increment. I then take a small break and move to the next task for the same amount of time. I throw in the house tasks in this plan, and I discover I am getting a lot done. I also do not get bored with the same thing.

Now I have wrote that multi tasking can be unproductive, but I do not believe this is considered multi tasking. It is splitting the work into increments. You won’t get as frustrated, and you will have satisfied clients.

So what if you find yourself nearing the deadline?

This is an area where you may have to not use the Trollope Method, but if you were using the method before, the project should be nearly complete. Learn from it and start your projects sooner, and make sure you are bidding with proper timing.

Final Thoughts

So what do you think about the Trollope Method? You just might want to try it and see if it will work for you. While your at it, read some of Mr Trollope’s books and see how well it worked for him. You can find them below.

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