10 Uncommon Freelancing Jobs

Consider these freelancing jobs

The fact is: a vast amount of people have turned to freelancing as a way to either help their financial situation, or even as a full time system to support their family.

There is a false thought pattern that freelancing jobs consist of writing, web design or photography. Freelancing can be so much more. It is putting your talents out there. Here is the definition of freelancing:

To act independently without orders from another

Every single person has unique skills and talents that could be used in a freelancing format. Today, I want to share 10 uncommon freelancing jobs you may want to consider.

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1: Coupon Book Maker

Just travel around to the local stores and grab coupons. Get the newspaper and clip the coupons. Now put all these coupons into simple little books and sell the books. Humans love saving money, and you will be helping them do exactly that.

2: Powerpoint Presentation Developer

Are you good at making Powerpoint presentations? Just make a business card and a presentation. Start visiting businesses and explaining your freelance job. many business people want or need powerpoint presentations, but they just do not have the time to do them. You can be there powerpoint “go to” person.

3: Search Engine Evaluation

The average rate of pay for this freelancing job is $13 per hour. Do what you normally do…surf the web, tell the company what you are discovering, and get paid.

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4: Family Historian

If you have a knack at searching out the genealogy of a family, you can get paid quite well. Just put out some advertisements that you will do family trees, and your phone will probably start ringing off the hook.

5: Tutoring

Parents are always in need of tutors for their school age children. It could be English, Math, Science, Spanish…whatever your talent, you can probably tutor children; or even adults.

6: Sell Water

Here in Puerto Rico, you see it all the time. You are parched and sitting at a red light. Along comes a person holding several bottles of ice cold water. You hand him a $1 bill and quench your thirst. Now he paid $2.99 for 24 bottles of water, so he sells 3 to break even and the rest is profit. A person could make a lot of money daily selling water, and if you throw in some cokes or candy bars, the profits could grow quite large.

7: Stilts Or Juggling

Just yesterday, I saw a man on stilts dancing at a stoplight. As he bent over, people were throwing dollars and change in his hat. Use your talent and put smiles on stressed faces…they will pay for it.

8: Calligraphy

Wedding designers are always on the look out for people who do calligraphy. If you have a talent for this fine art, you can make a lot of money just in wedding invitations.

9: Book Illustrator

Many people who are self-publishing books need illustrations…especially children’s books. Simple drawings can bring in a lot of money. This is a great freelancing job.

10: Read

Yes, you can get paid to read. Many authors, magazines and other avenues will pay people to read material and provide a review. Go to this link to learn more.


As you can plainly see, there are a plethora of uncommon freelancing jobs. You just have to use that inner light bulb and find how you can use your talents and skills in a freelancing format.

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Do you have any other uncommon freelancing jobs you can think of? Please post them below. Do you have any questions? You can ask them and I will try to answer.

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