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I have found myself quite busy as of late. I have freelance jobs going for several clients, and I have not wanted to neglect this blog. I was pondering how I can get a blog post without “scrambling” my brain to do so. After all, I have been writing about using improv in business structures, military articles and content for binary options trading. That is quite a drastic change from article to article, and if I would have thrown in a freelance article, I may have had the men with straitjackets knocking on the door.

I have freelanced some articles through the website iWriter, and I had some money sitting in that account. I decided that I would give another freelance writer an opportunity to develop an article. I made the request.

Now, I could tell that the freelancer who took it doesn’t have English as a first language, so I did have to edit a few things, but overall, I believe this is a good article. Please tell me what you think at the end. Here is the profile of this writer.

Top 10 Freelancing Gurus to Efficiently Hold Your Hand

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular and countless of freelancers are using various websites to sell their services and talents. This is due to the associated benefits of freedom to do something you are passionate about and on your own schedule. However, starting to freelance without someone to show you the way, and impart you with the right knowledge can be frustrating. The convenience of learning from freelancing gurus is out of this world. Freelancing jobs need time management skills, behavioral change, as well as accounting advice just like other types of jobs. Writing, photography, programming, web design, data entry, graphic design and virtual assistance among others are freelancing jobs that can make great occupations if only you learn from the gurus.


Annette F Brown is a seasoned freelance writer who has come up with a freelancing guru blog platform to help other freelancers. Browsing through her resource packed blog leaves most freelancers more updated, encouraged and informed. Here you will find 31 days to an impressive writer portfolio to guide you towards freelance writing success.


This platform of freelance folder is a great resource for freelancers. As a freelancing guru, it offers you knowledge about the industry. You will come across topics such as fundamentals of interacting with clients, accounting tools for freelancing business, which web hosting companies are the best, which freelancing platforms you should use, how fast you ought to design your website, as well as how to boost your income as a freelancer using your website, and most importantly it guides you on how to get started.
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This freelancing guru adviser offers you various guides that you will find very helpful as a freelancer. The guru publishes content that helps freelancers, contractors or consultants to sell their services for the right price and use the right amount of time.


Freelancing highly depends on the number and quality of clients you get. At you get free guides on how to increase your clients’ base, write winning proposals, market your skills and basically grow to your potential. Once you give out your email address, you subscribe to very resourceful materials.

6: AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.)

This website has a lot of materials that can benefit a writer’s life. AWAI members receive daily newsletters of great value to their freelancing writing career. Articles, seminars and publications are all designed to help everyone interested in copy-writing and freelancing in general become better at it. Every freelancer needs to know how to manage multiple clients. Such are the topics which are handled comprehensively.

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Tuts+ provides videos, tutorials and inspirations to help freelancers learn. It was previously known as FreelanceSwitch, but it merged with other of Evanto family members such as Tuts+ and evanto studio to be able to offer maximum user satisfaction. Tutsplus offers freelancers helpful courses with the creation of an account. However, they do have to invest $15 to subscribe to the newsletters.

4: is a freelancing guru with great resources for freelance writers. High quality educational content is published here. More new content is produced on regular basis to keep you informed as a freelancer.

3:’s platform helps entrepreneurs with freelancers included in building their careers and businesses from scratch. The advice given helps them to change their behaviors, as well as their thinking for a better freelancing career.

2: as a freelancing guru has proved to be of great help to freelance writers. It offers newsletters, videos and articles to help upcoming writers to get better at service provision, and get paid for their worth. It also helps seasoned writers to get regular updates about their career.

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The brain behind is Greg Boudonck who started a freelancing website to help other freelancers to learn and grow in the freelancing industry. You can purchase and read his over 50 books, periodic newsletters, blog articles, web content and press releases among other resources.


Most freelancers go through a lot of troubles before making it in the freelancing industry. Freelancing gurus have been there and they are using their journey and experiences to help other freelancers. You will find it very hard to deal with clients, handle self-employment, among other freelancing problems if you do not learn from the experts. Use freelancing gurus such as the ones listed above to make your learning experience easier and better.

Thank you to the freelancer from iWriter who wrote this. May you have great experiences in your freelance career.


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