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Whose Writing Voice Is Being Used?

The Writing Voice

As a writer, do you ever consider the voice you are writing with? When I speak of writing voice, I am talking about those special nuances we use when we write. Writing is an art, and all artists have their own styles. As writers, we may use certain wording, punctuation, short sentences, long paragraphs, or descriptive phrases that “mark us.”

So, do you use your writing voice, or are you trying to be Rudyard Kipling, Stephen King or Louis L’Amour? If you are trying to be like someone else with your writing, I can almost guarantee that success will be fleeting. Many people know my writing because of the “hillbilly” or “redneck” style I use. I would not give up my writing style or writing voice for any other.

But, as a freelance writer, I have to be open to another system. When I write on my own blog, or am writing a book that will have my name as the author, I can use my writing voice. When I am contracting to another person, I often have to use a different writing voice. As freelancers we have to be like Mel Blanc.


When another writing voice is used

You will find some contractors want you to write blog posts or articles that display the current “voice” of that particular blog or website. How do I do this? How do you do this? It is not easy to change our writing voice, but to make freelance money, it is a talent that must be mastered. The best way to do this is to ask questions of the outsourcing business or individual about what they desire. You should also read the material that is on the website or blog and put yourself within the writing style. After writing some of the material, ask the contractor what they think. If they believe you are meeting the standards, proceed. If not, ask and read more.

Here are several examples of times I have had to use a different writing voice:

The Millionaires Maker Review

Scott Shuford: How To Reach A Niche Audience

4 Things Vapers Do That Could Potentially Harm Our Culture

For each one of these articles, I had to use a different writers voice.

Final Words

Do you get it?

Use your writing voice in your material, but be willing to change your voice as a freelancer.

Do you have any question? Any comments? Post them below and may your writing voice come out loud and clear!

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