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You have a product to sell, and/or a service to offer. You develop a great looking website and a Facebook page. Business comes, but not in the amount you had expected or hoped for. The experts told you to have content on your website and to change it regularly. This goes for social media too; you were told to post content and pictures, which you have done. What you notice on your social site suddenly gives you the shudders. A complaint against your business. You read it and you suddenly realize they are talking about your competition who has their business across the street. How do you react?

Website and social content are a full time job. As a business owner or manager, it is very important that you control your online image with wisdom. Creating compelling content by telling stories can be a very wise way to build your online image and dispel any rumors or bad reviews.

A good example of creating compelling content by telling stories that a business owner could use in the false complaint mentioned in the first paragraph may go like this:

The funniest thing happened the other day. We had advertised our new mattresses with a 20% discount to the first 30 people who came through the door. A gentleman who was probably near 80 years of age went to the bed competition across the street. He just got confused since our addresses are so similar. The aged man asked the salesman if he was one of the first 30 in the door. The retired gentleman told me the salesman looked at him oddly, but said, “Yes, as a matter of fact, you are the first.” The man saw the mattress he wanted and looked at the price. It was too high, like they usually are over there, but he figured in his head what 20% off would be and knew he could afford it then. The salesman drew up the paperwork which took him nearly 20 minutes. When he gave it to the gentleman to sign, the retired guy asked where was the 20% discount. The salesman told him there was no discounts and the man explained about our ad. With anger, the salesman pointed to our store. The retired man was so overjoyed when he left our store. It seems our regular price on a better mattress was 15% less, and with 20% off that, the retired man said he was going to treat his wife to a steak dinner.

Creating compelling content by telling stories works. It is a winning way to do business, and everyone loves a good story.

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