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Creating A Professional Accountant Website

In today’s world, almost anyone who has a computer, and a little common sense can build and publish a website. When you are searching through websites, you can usually immediately “spot” the sites that were made haphazardly by someone who doesn’t regularly build websites. They are usually very cluttered, colors are arranged in a terrible way, and the content is not worth reading. You probably will not even take the time to see all the mistakes, you will move on to a better website that will suit your needs. In developing your Accountant Website Design, your main priority is to not have a website that gives internet searchers the same impression. You want people looking at your CPA Website Design and saying, “A professional built this site,” even if you designed it yourself. You can be that pro if you understand how the Pro’s would develop your Accountant Website Design. These are some of the best tips a pro will give you:

Keep Your Accountant Website Simple

Always keep in mind that your website is about selling accounting services. You really don’t need a lot of gadgets that will slow down the loading of your website. Graphics can be both good and bad in website design. Graphics can draw people to look further, but some graphics are to large that they will make your website load slowly. Use a graphic program to re-size your graphics so that they will load fast when your site comes up. There are many free programs available you can use to do this. Some suggestions are:




Keep your front page short and to the point. Pro’s have learned that most people do not want to scroll very far. Attention spans are short; keep your pages short for them.

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Great Content

If you give your Accountant Website Design great content, people will stay and read. If they are reading interesting content, they will want to use the person behind that content taking care of their financial issues. Changing your content regularly also is a must. People want to read new and up-to-date material.

Simple Call To Action

Give prospects an easy way to contact you for your services. A contact me button at the top right going to a very simple contact form is a great idea. Do not leave out your phone number. Put these in several different places, and on all pages. Do not clutter your pages with them, but have them in good, visible places. Always check your contact pages often. When someone fills these out, they are ready to do business.


It is very important to do checks on your Accountant Website Design. You will want to check the design and load-up times in all the major browsers. Also check the design in different screen resolutions. You want your website to look good to all people. Have friends and family look at it and give their impressions. Ask them to be very honest. Would they contact you to do their taxes, or handle their business finances?

All of these tips will make your CPA Website Design look as if a pro made it. You don’t need to purchase a lot of expensive programs to make a great website. There are many free programs out there to choose from. You can have a professional looking CPA Website, and no one will know that you did it yourself.

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