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Before Upgrading To Windows 10

Windows 10 Frustration

I kept getting that same pop-up message from Microsoft: You are eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Would you like to schedule it now?

I must admit that doing anything with my computer in that regards is frightening. I kept putting it off.

I own a Compaq Presario which is an Hewlett Packard product. I have been very happy with this laptop, and I also have been extremely satisfied with the Windows 7 program on it. But, I started considering what happened with Windows XP, and I thought that while I can get Windows 10 for free that maybe I should take advantage.

Now keep in mind that I have many important files. As a freelance writer, I have works saved and I just cannot afford to lose any of them. When I studied what Microsoft said about my files, they said that I wouldn’t lose anything. Hmmm, do I dare take the chance?

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I Did It!

I am now trying to learn the Windows 10 system, but I was angry with Microsoft. They said I wouldn’t lose any files…I lost them all. I cannot find them anywhere, but I was wise.

Tips Before You Upgrade To Windows 10

They call them pen drives or USB drives. I suggest before you upgrade, you copy all your important files to a pen drive. They are inexpensive and you will have all your files to be able to install in Windows 10. I also have many bookmarks that I was afraid of losing. If you go to show all bookmarks and click import and backup, you can save all those bookmarks in a HTML file. After Windows 10 is on your computer, you simply click that same area and import the bookmarks.

I did lose a few files that were on my desktop that I neglected to save, but I will survive.

From what I see so far, Windows 10 seems like a good system.

For those clients of mine that I am somewhat behind schedule on, please be patient with me, this Windows 10 upload has caused some chaotic experiences, but in the long run, I believe it will be good.

Here is where you can read up on upgrading your computer to the Windows 10 operating system.

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