The Key To Business Success: Quality

Learn how business quality management can solve your woes

One of the primary questions of many business people is: Which is best, quality or quantity? Dare we say: both are best, but quality should always take the driver’s seat. The best advice that can be given any struggling business is that developing stronger business quality management can solve many of the issues.

For businesses that are not ISO certified, using the ISO system can bring their quality management into a line that helps the business:

  • Retain customers

  • Create a better morale in employees

  • Halt repeated errors

  • Create higher profit margins

  • And develop an efficient structure that utilizes time efficiently

A business owner should not be working in the structure of the company, but working on the structure of the company. Too many times, struggling businesses have owners and managers micro managing in attempts to find ways to make better profits and satisfy customers. Usually, when this is done, it causes terrible morale with employees, and the owner/manager is not achieving the responsibilities that keep the business moving forward. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertising

  • Developing new product lines

  • Following up with customers

  • Reviewing employees

  • Much more

As stated earlier, the ISO standards have shown a system that works. By following these standards, a business can reduce costs by cutting down on inventory and using systems where time is utilized to its full extent. Products are examined to such an extent, that the odds of a faulty product getting shipped to a customer are astonishingly low. Customers recognize the higher quality and naturally, they order more. Products in inventory are backed down to where products are made as they are ordered. This creates more space to utilize in quality control and to manufacture other product lines.

This is just a small part of what can be done with your business quality management system to solve your woes.

Quality professionals have developed audit systems that can show you how to bring your business into compliance with ISO standards. All aspects will be considered in this audit, and it will also help you get your business in complete OSHA compliance too. One of the largest costs in business are due to safety problems and accidents in the workplace.

One of the best ways to visualize the changes that need to be made in a business is to have someone looking from the outside-in. That is what we do. You may be thinking that when the business first started, customers were happy and satisfied. In many situations, little changes happen, and competition develops less costly methods. This is when we as business owners and managers need to make changes that adapt to the ever changing business tide. By having an audit of your business structure, you will be able to see the problems with clearer lenses. Instead of putting out fires, you will know how to keep the fires from starting. It makes good sense to get an audit on your business, and bring it to the ISO standards. Your business profit margins will be glad you did.

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