Top 5 Easiest Ways To Share Photographs

You just took an amazing photograph and you want to share it with your friends and family who live far away. Sure, you could go developed and put it in an envelope; buy a stamp and mail it, but you want them to see it now!

With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to have people from very far away see your pictures right after you take them. In this article, I will share what I have found to be the fastest and easiest ways to share those photographs. There are many ways, but these are the top five.

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  • Facebook; Facebook is a social site that allows you to share almost anything. You will have to have an account along with those you want to share your images with. The system is really quite simple; you just upload your photographs on your page and you can “tag” the people you would like to see it. You can make your photos private or public. Let everyone see them, or just a select few.
  • Picasa; This is a great photograph editing and sharing program put out by the good folks at Google. You do have to download this program, but you can do multiple things with it. You can put several pictures into one picture. You can make calenders and dress up your pictures in many ways. Try Picasa, you will like it!
  • Photobucket; This is another great file sharing web site. You do have to sign up for Photobucket, but they have ample servers to hold all the pictures people across the world everyday. Put your photographs there and you won’t lose them.
  • ImageShack; This is another web site a lot similar to Photobucket. You can put all your photographs in ImageShack and not have to worry about losing them. Send the link to the photos to your family and friends and they can see them as if they were in your living room.
  • HubPages; This happens to be one of my favorites. The reason why I like it so much is because I can write an article around the pictures I upload and can even earn a little money doing so. Send your friends and family to the hub link and have them not only see your pictures, but they can read what you have to say about them. It does require a registration but is a fun and easy way to share your photographs.

These are just a few. They will help you share your images to anyone anytime as long as they have internet access. Just follow the directions at any of these sites and you can be sharing your pictures right away!

Oh, I must mention, these sites do not allow obscene or vulgar photographs so you can feel safe with your children present.

What are you waiting for? Lets see the photographs you have!

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