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27 Great Freelancing Ideas

Freelancing Ideas For You

More and more people are discovering that freelancing is a great way to make extra money, be your own boss and not have to commute a long distance for a good job. Some individuals just freelance part time, and there are others (like myself) that freelance on a full time basis. There are many things a person can freelance. I suggest you look deep inside yourself and write down the talents you have. You may want to list all the different things you have learned throughout your lifetime. Many of these can be used in one form or another as freelancing ideas.

You may find that the bills are adding up, but the income is either staying the same, or you have had your hours cut and your paychecks are lower. But what do you do?


I have decided to provide you with 27 great freelancing ideas that you can use to make money from home. They are in no particular order. You can use these, or create ideas from your own education and talents. Feel free to offer other ideas for LancerLife readers in the comment section at the end.

1: Writer

This is what I do, and if you have any writing talent at all, there are multiple ways you can use your writing abilities as a freelancer. I write web content, blog posts, press releases and more. There are so many ways you can use your writing abilities to freelance. You may even write and self-publish your own book. I have over 50 books published.

2: Customer Service Representative

There are many online businesses that need people who are at home on their computers taking care of their customer service. If you have the skills to deal with unhappy customers, this just may be the job for you.

3: Language Teacher

If you know a different language such as Spanish, Russian, etc… you could freelance the teaching of these languages. Or, there are many people who want to learn English as a 2nd language.

4: Public Relations

It is similar to customer service, but some businesses, and even Government agencies are in need of freelance public relations personnel. Many politicians running for offices are always looking for those who are great at public relations.

5: Tutor

If you are good at math, science or any other subjects that students need help with, a huge freelancing idea over the last few years has been tutoring. Help students learn and get paid a nice wage.

6: Photo Editor

If you have Photoshop skills, you can make a great living just editing photos.

7: Video Production

There are multiple individuals and businesses that search for people who have the skills to produce videos for them. It may be a simple speech, or an animated video, if you have these skills, this freelancing idea may be just right.

8: Medical Transcription

There is a huge need for medical transcription. When I amĀ  searching for writing jobs to bid on, I find multiple calls for this freelancing skill. If you have the education, you can make large amounts of money doing this. - Save time and money!
9: Graphic Design

This is another freelancing area where there is a huge need. If graphic design is your specialty, start bidding on jobs.

10: Interior Design

With the right marketing techniques and a nice portfolio, you can design the homes of the rich and famous as a freelancer.

11: Photographer

As with writing, photography is one of the older freelancing professions. In these days and times, you can take top rated photographs with inexpensive cameras and smartphones, and make money doing so.

12: Game Developer

Gaming is a huge part of the internet. If you can develop the next viral game, you could be living a life of luxury.

13: Musician

Put your music skills to work as a freelancing idea. You can write simple pieces for a podcast or video, or step it up and write freelancing music for other music artists.

14: Fashion Design

If you have a skill of designing fashion, why work for someone else? Freelance your skills and get paid much higher wages.

15: Translation

There are many who want their works in other languages, with Spanish being a top one. You can translate websites or books and make great money doing so.

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16: Consultant

It really doesn’t matter what your skill is, there are those who will pay you to provide consultation in the areas you have expertise.

17: Tour Guide

Living here in Puerto Rico, I know this is a great freelancing idea here. If you live in a great tourist area, it could be a great freelancing idea for you.

18: Programmer

Computer programming is a great freelancing job. Freelance rates for those who are programmers are high, and moving higher.

19: Virtual Assistant

I often see freelance jobs for virtual assistants listed on Upwork and other freelancer websites. You essentially help individuals complete tasks they do not have time to complete.

20: Accounting Or Bookkeeping

From taxes to other bookkeeping tasks, there is a huge need for anyone who has these skills.

21: Editor

There are a plethora of authors and writers who seek editors to read and fix their grammar and punctuation mistakes. If you have this skill, editing would be a great freelancing idea for you.

22: Data Analyst

Are statistics part of you lifestyle? Being a freelance data analyst would be a wise choice.

23: Podcast Maker

Podcasting has become huge. If you are good at making podcasts, there are many people who would love to contract your services.

24: Book Cover Designer

There are many authors who self publish that need someone like you to design their book cover.

25: App Developer

There are new applications coming out for mobile services daily. You can develop that next great app.

26: Art

Painting or drawing, there are those who will pay you to perform artistic services.

27: Architecture

No sense driving to an office 30-50 miles away to draw plans for a company. Do it from home and get paid what you are truly worth.


There you have it! 27 great freelancing ideas. Do you have any you would like to add? Do so in the comments area, and thank you for sharing this article. I hope these freelancing ideas help you.

Have a great day and Happy Freelancing!

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  1. There is money to be made if one has the willingness to try….and a little creativity helps as well. Great list, Greg!

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