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Are You In A Freelancer Jail?

Have you made yourself a private freelancer jail?

Are you unsatisfied? Do you feel bouts of depression? But you are a freelancer and you should be happy and satisfied! Is it possible that you have put yourself in freelancer jail? Did you commit a crime against yourself?


Let me help you break out!

I have put myself into freelancer jail in the past, and I have learned some escape routes.

You may be wondering what I am talking about. What is this jail? Let me explain.

Do you have a primary niche in your freelancing? As a freelance writer, I once found myself caught into a quandary of writing only articles about real estate. How to buy a house; how to sell a house; how to obtain a mortgage, etc… Those real estate articles were all I bid on. I was depressed because all I could dream about was real estate.

I had put myself into freelancer jail. Even though the jail food was good, and it filled my stomach, I longed for freedom. I at least wanted to get freelancer parole. Or, I had to escape! But how? I will explain my plan, but first…

Freelance writers are not the only ones in freelancer jail

The photographer only takes wedding pictures.

The accountant only handles restaurants.

The attorney only deals with wills.

Do you see my point? Freelancers worldwide have put themselves in their own private jails. Have you?

How I broke free

I escaped by just bidding on jobs that were completely away from Real Estate. If I received a request to do a real estate piece, I did not pass it up, but I made a point to bypass bidding on those types of jobs until I built a solid client base in different areas. I now have clients in:

  • Military
  • Binary options trading
  • Publishing
  • Network marketing
  • Construction
  • Travel
  • and more

What this meant is: I had to research more, which created an opportunity for education for my feeble mind that only had real estate filling it.

The point is: I felt free! I had escaped freelancer jail, and the bloodhounds had lost my trail.

Final Thoughts

Are you sitting in a self-created freelancer jail? Don’t you think it is time to be freed? Try something new and different. Bid on a different niche, and quit letting fear control you. It is time for a jailbreak!

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