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The Top 18 Freelancing Blogs You Should Be Reading

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There are a plethora of blogs about freelancing roaming the internet. As a matter of fact, you are on one now. I do not plan on adding my Lancerlife to the freelancing blogs list I am about to provide you, but I do recommend subscribing so you can keep abreast of new articles I write.

I have decided to share with you what I feel the top 18 freelancing blogs are that you should be reading. I recommend subscribing to them, as there is great information that comes from each one. These are in no particular order, because they are all wonderful.

1: Freelancers Union

I am a member of this union, and I suggest you sign up too. These blog posts are written by members, and give some wonderful tips on freelancing. Here is the latest post:

Tell your City Council Member #FreelanceIsntFree

2: Web Designer’s Depot

This is much more than just a blog; it is a web designer’s dream site. It can also help in many other freelancing areas too. Here is the latest:

Popular design news of the week: February 1, 2016 – February 7, 2016

3: Copyblogger

If you want to master content development, Copyblogger is a great place to learn. Read the latest:

Rainmaker Rewind: How Oscar Nominee Emma Donoghue, Screenwriter of ‘Room,’ Writes

4: BufferApp

Social media plays a major role with freelancers. The BufferApp blog has some great insights. Read the latest:

Everyone Grows an Email List

5: ProBlogger

There is good blogging and bad blogging. You will learn from blogging pros here so you can achieve good blogging. Check out this post:

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?

6: Make A Living Writing

The name of this blog speaks for itself, and the person writing it knows what they are talking about. It is a great blog. Read the latest post:

Is Your Guest Post a Waste? 5 Ways Bloggers Can Tell
50+ Invitation Designs in 5 days. Starts at only £110!


7: How Design

For you freelance designers, this is a wonderful blog. You just have to subscribe. See the most recent article:

7 Creative Leaders Answer: What is a Design Entrepreneur?

8: Seth Godin

If you are suffering from writer’s block, I say just go read some of Seth’s material. He can have you thinking. Read his latest:

“I”, “We” and “You”

9: Leaving Work Behind

If you desire to have a profitable freelance business, I highly suggest you subscribe to this blog if you skip all the other freelancing blogs. Read the latest post:

5 Lessons From 5 Failed Online Business (That You Could Be Making Too)

10: Jim’s Marketing Blog

As a freelancer, we must market our services and ourselves. Jim is a master marketer and he can teach us to be great at marketing too. Read his most recent post:

Grow bigger ears!

11: Men With Pens

These guys know what they are talking about when it comes to freelance writing. Listen to them! Here is the last blog post:

Contest: Win a scholarship to the Damn Fine Words writing course

12: Goins, Writer

Jeff is a great writer, and his blog can be quite helpful to other freelance writers. Jeff also has several books published you may enjoy. Take a look at his recent post:

The Secret to Developing a Regular Writing Habit

13: Quick Sprout

You will find a load of great marketing information to grow your freelance business. Read the latest post:

5 “Scary” Marketing Techniques That Are Worth the Risk USA FREE SHIPPING

14: The Write Life

This is a great blog on writing to have success. Check out this recent post:

Before You Pitch Literary Agents, Watch Out For This One Dangerous Trait

15: Write To Done

Whether you are a blogger, a technical writer or a book writer, this blog can help you. It helps me. Read the most recent:

The No.1 Reason New Bloggers Fail (And What To Do About It)

16: Zen Habits

This blog is like a breath of fresh air. Sometimes as freelance blogs are concerned, we just need a little something different. See the latest:

Let Everything Breathe

17: Startup Camp

To be a success in business, it truly helps to learn from a success in business. Dale is exactly that. Read his wisdom:

9 Online Tools That Made Me Wealthy

18: Minterest

Out of all the freelancing blogs I have listed, this has the most well-rounded educational material. Here is the latest post:

When Canva Scores Over Free Stock Photo Websites


Just click on through and see these great blogs. I know you will love the majority of them.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and feel free to share your favorite freelancing blogs.

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