Freshbooks: A Tool Every Freelancer Should Have

Over 5 million people use FreshBooks to make billing painless

Why You Should Have Freshbooks

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Freshbooks is one tool that every freelancer should have. As a matter of fact, every business should use the great software that Freshbooks offers. There are a ton of benefits. Let’s go through a few:

Your Business Numbers

Freshbooks provides a system called Financial Reporting Reports in which you as a business owner or manager can watch your financial numbers, and it can help you make needed changes in your system.


As freelancers, invoices are a must. We must keep these invoices filed for tax reasons, and we also must make sure we are not duplicating invoices. That is something that has been done before, but by using the Freshbook invoice system, it is quick, easy and error free.

Accepting Credit Cards

What system are you using now to get paid? Are you going through Paypal or even worse, waiting for the “check in the mail?”

The Freshbooks invoicing system allows you to accept credit and debit cards right through their encrypted system. Your clients can feel safe, and you will be getting paid on time.

Expense Tracking

Here is another issue that many freelancers, and also traditional businesses have. Have you noticed some money is gone from your account, and you discover after pulling your hair out that you purchased a business item and didn’t keep track of it.

The Freshbooks system even has a mobile app that allows you to record those expenses the moment you made them. Yes, you should still keep your receipts, but you will not have to study them like you once did.

So Get A Fresh Freelancer Start With Freshbooks

What are you waiting for?

I can’t load it on your computer without your permission, but I will make you an offer you dare not refuse:

Try FreshBooks Free for 30 Days

I know you will be glad you did

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