47 Great Freelance Writer Resources

As a freelance writer, I am always on the hunt for freelance writer resources that can make my job easier and help me provide the highest quality work possible.

In an effort to help my fellow freelance writers, I have decided to share 47 resources that I have found to be helpful. Some may be educational, while others may be software, equipment or other tools that have made my job easier.

You may find some of these freelance writer resources helpful to you, so click in and see for yourself.

I am affiliated with some, but not all of these freelance writer resources. As such, if you do purchase something through them, I may earn a small commission.

47 Freelance Writer Resources

1: Beyond Your Blog

This great website has various methods to earn income from your writing. There are opportunities to submit your work, tips and tricks along with various other great information.

Click here to visit.

2: Office Furniture Dot Com

Whether you need a comfortable chair, a desk or any other piece of office furniture, you can find great deals with this online retailer. Just click the banner.


3: Smart Blogger

This site will show you how to write blogs that go viral. Isn’t that what we want? I love the information they provide here.

Click here to visit.

4: Grammarly

Are you wondering if you should put a comma there? Maybe you are confused about using certain wording. The Grammarly program is a great help. I have used it and you should too. No matter how great you think you are, you will make a mistake. Grammarly will help you catch it before publishing.

5: CopyBlogger

These experts can teach us many tips with our content that will lead to bigger and better clients.

I suggest you visit them here.

6: Strikingly

Just as I have here, every freelance writer should have their own website. Strikingly can help you build a high quality website. Just click the banner.

7: ProBlogger

I have attained several clients from this website. There is a plethora of great information at ProBlogger. You should go check it out.

Click here to visit.

8: Refurbio

If you need a new laptop, desktop or mobile device, Refurbio doesn’t sell new, but the refurbishing work they do makes it seem new. They come with great guarantees too. Just click the banner and see for yourself.


9: The Daily Post

You can build or write blog posts you are super proud of by following the guidance of these experts.

Visit their site here.

10: Modern Office

Yes, I showed a different office furniture site above, but maybe you want to shop around. Modern Office has some great deals too.

11: Aerogramme Writers’ Studio

This website offers a various assortment of news and resources for writers. I see they just posted writer opportunities for the next 2 months.

Visit them here.

12: Como

As a freelance writer, maybe you want to develop an application for mobile users. Or maybe you want to add that service to your freelance business. Como is the perfect system.


13: A Writer’s Path

Ryan Lanz is a published author and offers the opportunity to advertise your books to his large following on this great website.

Visit it here.

14: Oransi

Breathing clean air can be important for those of us who work in our homes. These are top quality air filter systems.

728 x 90 Oransi Branding Banner

15: Pro Writing Aid

Just input your text and see what you can change to make it better.

Writing Improvement Software

16: The Write Practice

This website has a number of exercises, promotions and contests that can help you be the best at your writing trade. I love this site.

Visit them here.

17: Deluxe Business Products

Various products that can help you with your freelance business. These freelance writer resources include business forms and promotional items. Just click the banner and see more.


18: Author Media

I use one of their plug-ins to sell more books. They will show you ways to market your writing.

Visit them here.

19: Mac of all Trades

You can get refurbished Apple products with great guarantees here.

Mac of all Trades

20: High-Income Business Writing

Ed Gandia has been a business writer for a long time. We can learn from his experiences. There is a lot of great info at his website.

Visit here.

21: Concord Supplies

Here are a vast amount of office supplies with good prices.

Free Shipping over $75 at ConcordSupplies.com

22: Paid to Exist

Jonathan shows you how to get paid for doing what you do…existing. Download his backpack here.

23: Ed 2 Go

Great online courses are available through this website. Just click the banner.


24: Productive Flourishing

This is an all-around great site for creative types, entrepreneurs and business owners. You will love the methods Charlie shares.

Visit the site here.

25: Visual Thesaurus

Finding the right words to write can sometimes be difficult. This freelance writer resource is a great help.

26: Side Hustle Nation

Learn how others have turned their hustle into a money making dream.

Visit the blog here.

27: Credibly

If you need business funding, Credibly can help.


28: About Freelance Writing

This website is full of freelance writer resources. It is a great website that can guide you through hills and valleys in the world of freelance writing.

Visit them here.

29: Design Crowd

As a writer, you may need some design done. Maybe business cards, a banner, a logo or a flyer. Design Crowd can provide what you need. Just click the link below.

50+ Flyer Designs in 5 days. Starts at $180

30: QuickSprout

Neil is the best! I suggest you make a point of visiting his website and learning from the best of the best.

Visit Quicksprout here.

31: Mead

Mead is well known for planners, notebooks and more freelance writer resources.


32: Plot Generator

If you need a plot, you can get one here.

33: eBooks Dot Com

Writers learn from reading. You can great books for your reading pleasure at the banner below.

Download an eBook today

34: Scapple

This is a great system for the note doodlers. I highly recommend it.

Visit the site here.

35: eRelease

A Press Release is a great way to tell the world about your freelance business. They are the Press Release pros.

Build Traffic, Rankings, and Business with Online Press Release Distribution!

36: Story Mind

This is a wonderful website to get in touch with the creator within you. Find that write touch that you need.

Visit this link.

37: Arrow Direct

This is another great location to get refurbished electronics. Why buy a high priced new item?


38: Random Generator

Sometimes character ideas can be a “bear cat” to create. This generator can help.

Visit RanGen here.

39: Fat Cow

Fat Cow offers some great web hosting plans. Do you need a host for your blog or for a freelance job? Visit the banner below.

FatCow Plan for $3.15/mo. only

40: The Freelancer’s Survival Guide

If you are a freelancer, you need this guide. And, it is low cost.

Get it here.

41: Freshbooks

This is a great software for invoices and other freelance business related items. You can even try it free to make sure it fits.

42: Publetariat

If you are planning on self-publishing, this site can help you immensely. I am published and owe a huge thanks to Publetariat.

Visit them here.

43: MyCorporation

If you feel you need to incorporate or create an LLC, these are the people who can help.

Focus on Your Business… and we’ll take care of fil

44: Chicago Manual of Style

It is the primary style used by freelance writers. This is one of the freelance writer resources I suggest you get immediately.

Visit them here.

45: Sage Small Business Solutions

You have a small business as a freelancer and Sage can help you manage it properly. Visit the banner below.

Sage One Online Accounting Free Trial Sign Up Program

46: Word Hippo

Let the pink hippo help you find the right word for your writing piece.

Visit the hippo here.

47: Simplilearn

Education means more opportunities. Get low cost classes at the banner below.

microsoft project 2007 & 2010 online course


These 47 freelance writer resources can help you become a master of your profession.

Let me know which ones have helped you. Also, if you have any other resources you would like to share, just post them below. Thank you.

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