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9 Ways To Get Noticed By Potential Clients

It is becoming a freelance world. As more and more people turn to freelancing as an income source, it is important that we take measures that will help potential clients take notice of us.

Besides being a freelancer, we are also marketers. Maybe marketing is not your freelance niche, but it does need to be in your aspect of drawing potential clients into the mood to contract your services.

I cannot promise you that you will entice every single possible client you communicate with, but I can provide some exceptional tips that will help you “stand out” from other freelancers.

Here are:

9 ways to stand out to potential clients

1: Be Confident In Yourself

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” J.M. Barrie

A potential client will be able to read if you are even slightly un-confident in your abilities to perform what he/she needs. I am not saying to have a “better than thou” type of attitude, but carry yourself and your words with a confident manner, and you will attract clients.

Just as an example, I have bid on jobs that I had no knowledge of, but because I showed confidence that I could learn from research, clients have contracted me in spite of little knowledge.

2: Be Approachable

Do you have that nose in the air that makes many people fear approaching you? Well be careful, a bird may come and poop on it.

We must have an air of being approachable. People cannot fear that we will take advantage or laugh at a stupid question.

By showing true interest in others, we give an impression of approach-ability.

3: Be Slightly Different Than Other Freelancers

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“I find that the very things that I get criticized for, which is usually being different and just doing my own thing and just being original, is the very thing that’s making me successful.” Shania Twain

While it is good to learn tips and tricks from other freelancers, copying them, or trying to be just like them will not work. We were all made from different molds. Allow your true self to guide you in your destiny of success in the freelance world.

4: Be Open To Do Jobs Other People Won’t

This attitude can open your freelance possibilities. When clients see that you are willing to do those monotonous and hard jobs, they will be willing to give you the fun and exciting jobs too.

5: Be Nice

“In my experience, many people confuse being cowardly with being nice.” Robert Kiyosaki

This should be a no-brainer, but I have met many people who nice just doesn’t fit in their vocabulary. While I don’t believe in allowing people to “walk on you,” I think we should attempt to be nice to everyone…even our competitors.

6: Ask For Feedback

I always ask for feedback on every freelance job I do. I also offer 2 revisions so clients will get what they desire. Potential clients notice feedback given by past clients and how we respond to that feedback.

7: Say What You Will Do, and Do What You Say

If you tell a potential client you will Skype them at 3:00 PM, do it! Do not wait until 3:30 PM and don’t do it at 2:30 PM.

Our word is really all we have in this world. When you give your word, follow through with it.

8: Be Consistent

This somewhat goes along with #7, but not just with words, with all actions. If you consistently provide a client with 2,000 words of content every week and start to just give 1,500 words, they will see the inconsistency and will probably find a freelancer who will maintain consistency.

9: Pay Attention

Here is one that many freelancers must heed better. I find many of my clients just frustrated with previous freelancers because they just did not pay attention. We need to give clients our complete attention. Put the smartphone down and quit trying to multitask. It will be worth it.

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Final Thoughts

Potential clients want to know that they are contracting someone who will be professional and provide what they need.

Follow these tips and I will say that your odds of being a successful freelancer will shine brightly.

If you have any comments or questions, just post them below. Thank you.

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